Book Review: Rosalind (****)

I am proud to be a Ten Reviews or More reviewer on Net Galley.

Not only that but I’m a Twenty-five Reviews or More reviewer

AND I’m a Top Reviewer, which means 3 or more of my reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher (I bet it wasn’t for any of my 1 star reviews!!)

Anyway…I was sent this e-book, free-of-charge (yay!) by NetGalley, in return for an honest review.So here it is

The Net Galley blurb reads:

“There’s everyone else in the world. And then there is you.”

World-class heart surgeon Dr. Peter Sutter runs his life with the instinctive precision of a master of the universe. But when he leaves the operating room, the only living thing waiting for him is a golden retriever. Then a chance encounter with an enigmatic woman changes everything.

Exploring the depths of Rosalind’s intoxicating body and captivating spirit, Peter quickly falls under her spell. Miraculously, the feeling is mutual.

But fate is waiting just around the corner. And it might be carrying a lead pipe.

Rosalind is a sensual, witty, moving story about the joy of real love, the surprise and delight of unexpected passion, and the transcendent power of human connection.

Pub Date 01 Apr 2019

I really enjoyed this (short) book, and wish it had been longer. Although the way that the two main characters met is a tad on the creepy side, if one can put that to one side and just think of it as “romantic” it makes the story better!

Some reviewers complain about the language used as too complex or complicated. In my opinion it’s nice not to be treated like an idiot! If a world-class surgeon (the narrator) had started using simplistic terminology, it would not have rung true. Perhaps we could have had more character development, but equally, I didn’t feel there were details I was missing: it was, after all, a novella, rather than a novel. Sufficient detail was given to make the characters believable (in my opinion, though not in the opinion of other reviewers!) and likeable (ditto)

The ending hit me like a ton of bricks – unexpected, neatly “twisted” so that even when it came, there was another shock behind it. It also had a definite ring of truth about it. Believe me, I know.

4 stars. No question.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Rosalind (****)

  1. It sounds intriguing. You’ve made me want to read it! Well done on your Netgalley acolades! Are they like a book sale service or are they like an E-book service? Either way, I think it is nice to avoid Amazon in any way possible. I’ll do anything to avoid them. They are ruiners of High Streets and bookshops. I just wish more people would boycott them.

    1. Net Galley is a site where e-editions are available pre-publication, free of charge for readers to review on blogs or other social media platforms. I’m afraid we use Amazon quite a lot…their delivery to France is very good. Sorry…. 😦

      1. Totally understandable living in a different country where there are less choices of your language books! In England though, I prefer to buy from concrete bookshops or tax payers!

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