Two cards – one birthday!

It’s coming up to my mum’s 90th birthday! Hard to believe – here are pictures of her when she and my sister visited us in September. We went for several walks of 5 km or more, and mum was fitter than I was!! (Though to be fair, it was only three months after my chemo had finished!!)

I’m going over on Wednesday, and we have a big family lunch on 11th at a restaurant. It’s her birthday on 12th May. I have a picture that I bought in Strasbourg for her present: it was going to be her Christmas present, but sending it became so complicated I decided to keep it for her birthday. It means I can buy a frame too. I’m there for almost a week, which will be lovely – I hope to maybe catch up with an old friend from school while I’m there too.

So today I sat down to make a card. The first one I made was this:


I used papers from a papercrafting magazine plus various Noz embellishments. I quite like it, but it’s a bit boring for a 90th birthday card. So I went a bit more OTT and created this one:

It’s a three-fold card (which is a bit difficult to photograph) so it’s already a bit more “special” than the first one. Here it is, standing upright:

and in the second fold there’s another butterfly hidden away:

I think this one is a bit more joyous, and appropriate for such a landmark birthday. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Two cards – one birthday!

  1. It’s perfect! I came along to see if you’ve been able to order your #31blessed book to France, and to say that I’ll post you one if it proves difficult – but maybe you could get one delivered to England? That is, if you want one at all!! Have a fabulous time with your mum xx

  2. Yes, the second one is a beautiful tribute to your amazing mum! Have a great time; we never know at this stage how many more such celebrations we will be privileged to share.

  3. Both are lovely but the second one is truly special.

    I hope to be as for as your mum at 90! My grandma would have been 90 in March but she was bedridden for 3-4 years before she died last year. My dad’s mum is 80 and still going to line dancing classes.

  4. Both cards are beautiful, but I especially like the second one. I wish your Mum a very happy birthday.
    I’ve given all my card making materials to my daughter as I’ve lost all inspiration for card making. She was very pleased to receive them.
    Have a good trip!

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