Book Review: The Beantown Girls ***(and a half)

Yes!Another one!! But after this I will have done my duty and reviewed the books sent by Net Galley. Like most of the books I review on my blog I was sent this e-book, free-of-charge (yay!) by NetGalley, in return for an honest review. So, here it is:


The blurb says:

It began slowly, and I wasn’t engaged by the characters. At all. They didn’t seem very believable and I found them rather annoying. But, I continued, as I felt obliged to do, and finally found the story drew me in. I wasn’t totally convinced by the descriptions of the English countryside, and although this is based on real life characters and true events, I find the idea of unlimited doughnuts and coffee during rationing to be a bit odd. I know the US troops had access to food and other supplies that the British were denied but all the same…However, a quick google tells me how wrong I am, as the picture below shows.

Generally I ended up enjoying the book more than I had expected at the beginning, and while I wouldn’t rave about it, as many reviewers have, I think it deserves a three-and-a-half stars. Which is down graded to three stars for NetGalley, as they don’t do half stars.

There’ll be no more book reviews for a while. Sorry there was such a sudden glut of them now!! I’ve just started to read Peter Robinson’s Inspector Banks series again. I didn’t enjoy the last few but thought I’d start the series over again and see how I get on!


One thought on “Book Review: The Beantown Girls ***(and a half)

  1. I didn’t know that about the American troops but then I think of the TV programme Good Night Sweetheart and the way Gary pretended he got all the goodies from America!

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