40ACTS2019 :: 16 :: DIRTY HANDS

PROMPT: Here it comes. The one we all dread – but also, the one with some real reward. Find a grotty toilet, take a bag of cleaning equipment, and make that thing shine. Walk straight into the inconvenient, the uncomfortable, and the grimy. Serve low today.


ACTS: Green: Don’t avoid the blocked up public toilet; give it a flush and a brush!

Amber: Get in touch with a friend you know has a busy schedule. Offer to go over and do their washing up.

Red: If there’s a student village or area near you, find a street and go door-to-door offering to clean kitchens. If not, ask a local family.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3 NIV)

I’m sorry, 40 Acts but no. I’m not going to go round people’s houses offering to clean their bathrooms – and if I went to my English speaking (and very busy!) friend and offered she’d fall about laughing – her home is neater than a new pin, and mine is a shambles! AND she enjoys cleaning! I mean, what sensible people enjoy cleaning?!

I did clean my house – does that count?! Well, the living room and dining room – that took three hours! Either I work very slowly or I was more thorough than usual. Or the two rooms were filthy! (Probably a mix of all three) Meanwhile Mr FD cleaned and tidied the big downstairs room.

Trying to look beyond the actual Traffic Lights options today, I guess this is saying that we should think no task is “beneath us” – it’s tempting when you drop some crumbs to think “The cleaner will get those…” or to pretend we haven’t seen that piece of litter or whatever. When there’s even a large, easily picked-up piece of waste, it’s very easy to walk past…There are street cleaners for that sort of thing, aren’t there?!

I think I may have to hold this Act until God nudges me – but I think it’s about realising that no job is beneath us, or should be left for someone else to do.

2 thoughts on “40ACTS2019 :: 16 :: DIRTY HANDS

  1. Had to smile. I did clean a public toilet 🤣. The barista I told was flabbergasted that I had done it.
    Still thinking what to do with my talent so that is on hold. I have redeemed my cleaning the sink and I have started reading Chronicles.

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