PROMPT: Today, we’re turning our generosity loose on bosses, managers, pastors and head teachers. Our culture doesn’t always bless upwards. But generosity goes all ways. We often only think to focus our generosity on those in dire straits, but when we bless upwards, we discover something that changes us, too.



Green: Thank the boss. Take a moment to start the work day letting them know they’re appreciated by those around them (specifically you).

Amber: Leave them a nice note – and talk to one of their friends and see what kind of gift card you could slip in there too.

Red: Take them out for a meal, bake them a cake, or give them a voucher for a meal.


We have new bosses in the language school where I work. My old boss was great: he had started the business himself and it was his “baby”; it had a real family feel about it, and although he had to make me redundant at one point, he obviously felt bad about doing so! He re-employed me on a contract basis as soon as possible afterwards. He trusted us teachers to get on with what we were good at, with minimal interference. But towards his retirement, he seemed to lose some interest, and things started to get dropped…Last year, the business was bought by a young, dynamic couple, ambitious and with money to spend… They have introduced new methods of teaching, want to use technology more, and are in the process of creating and setting up a new online learning platform. It’s a bit scary for me, as a bit of a Luddite! I would have been happy pootling on for another 7 or so years to my retirement as I had been doing under the last director. Still, onward and upward!

Today I’m working from home, so I won’t be going in to the office; tomorrow I will probably be popping in to do some preparation for the week ahead – so what can I do? I think I’ll prepare a card for Melissa and Tomas, our new directors, just to say Thank You…but I would like to do a bit more for my Head of English, who seems to be becoming more frazzled, as she is asked to do more and more. There’s nothing I can do to take the workload off her shoulders, but I can at least let her know that she is appreciated! So I will go from my lessons to the office via a supermarket and maybe buy a plant or some chocolates to give to her, together with another card.

I won’t be providing the Kitteh as well though!

UPDATE ON THE LAST CHALLENGE: Not much to say, really… I’m going to start saving up my 5€ which will probably go to PC4R or Lend With Care – but may be used for other items if necessary. My Church group enjoyed this one, posting I really like this Act 4!….. reminds me of a Lent activity we did in Canada back when our children were growing up….place a container at the dinner table and everyone put the day’s change or another amount in the container at dinnertime , to then give at the close of Lent and  This reminds me of many years ago when good friends told us of their ‘Lord’s Pot’, which was money put aside for when someone needed something or e.g. some hospitality was needed but when money is tight. Arguably, it’s not quite in the spirit of sacrifice – but it has served us (and more importantly I hope – others) well over the years.

This LOL cats doesn’t really fit, but I really enjoyed it!


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