A not-Birthday card

It was Friend Alison’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, but as she was working, we only caught up with her a few days after. I made her this card, which I didn’t theme as a birthday card, as it was rather late after her actual birthday, using lots of bits-and-bobs. The letters, the shiny paper, the glittery swirl, the sun embellishment and the backing papers all came from Noz; the “Russian Caravan” came from a box of teabags, and the orangey-yellow card came from an M&S £10 curry box that I bought in Paris. Even the card & envelope itself were bought at Noz I think, so it was a cheap card to make!!

We gave her a lovely Robin silhouette fat ball holder, a little like this:

together with some jazzy socks and a couple of sweet little magnetic bookmarks.

2 thoughts on “A not-Birthday card

  1. I love un-birthdays! Many of my friends receive a lot of flowers on their birthdays (especially the ones with a “0” at the end of the number but I have taken to telling them that some time during the year they will receive an un-birthday present. Then a few months later when the birthday is almost forgotten, they receive flowers from me. That way they get an extra gift – anticipation. Your friend is getting a lovely card and I love the idea of all that upcycling.

    1. Yes, my cards almost always include something rescued and reused. If not, most of the stuff I use comes from Noz, which is a cheap, end-of-line shop here in France.

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