Can I have a P please, Bob.

Here’s another Celtic letter, this time for my M-i-L. This was – like the last – done to take me out of myself, one day when I was feeling very down.The need to concentrate on what I’m doing, which band goes over and which goes under (there are a couple of errors!), where each goes to how and they fit together is an excellent way to lose myself for a few hours.


And for those who are confused by the title…It comes from an old TV programme, called Blockbusters, where the teams had to answer questions beginning with certain letters to move across the grid. Students delighted in asking “Can I have a P(ee) please Bob, ” and then smirking, as this clip shows

6 thoughts on “Can I have a P please, Bob.

  1. I loved that show when I was at school! Your Celtic swirlery is beautiful. Maybe one day you’ll come to Ireland and we can investigate swirlery on site! Hope that your Spring will have more up days than down x

  2. Lovely initial. Did you know that there is going to be a new version of Blockbusters? Dara O’Briain is the host (I only know because the free audience ticket companies were really trying to fill those seats).

  3. Well done – that’s beautiful! Celtic designs are very satisfying to do; there’s a rhythm to them which is quite pleasing. If you’re interested in going further down the Celtic route, I’d recommend George Bain’s “Celtic Art: Methods of Construction”.

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