A disgruntled Cat.

I love the word “disgruntled” – but how come one is never “gruntled”?!

Anyway, Pomme is disgruntled today.


Well, I lured her out from under my desk with delicious ham. Scrap by scrap, her greed got the better of her and she came out for the next morsel…Until she was out in the open, and I could grab her to smear butter-with-crushed-tablet around her mouth, and mostly on her paws. We are finding this is more acceptable for her, and she gets less stressed. We assume she then licks it off her paws – as she washes herself.

She snuck back under the desk, while casting evil looks in my direction, and is now sitting on the amplifier, washing herself and looking very disgruntled.

But the tablets are working: she has gained a bit of weight, and the blood test showed a big improvement in whatever it was testing. She certainly continues to be livlier and more active than she has beenfor a while!


6 thoughts on “A disgruntled Cat.

  1. Poor pussy cat – I’m sorry she is poorly đŸ˜¦ Ham and butter sound like an absolute treat though. Occasionally, if I haven’t cleared breakfast or lunch away quickly enough, our cats will be up on the table and will have unwrapped and started to lick the butter before I know what’s happened. It’s clearly a favourite scrounged treat around here. I hope that Pomme continues to get better, although it sounds like you have your work cut out for you!

    1. Oh yes indeed! She’s lurking below my desk again today so I can’t reach her. I may have to do some more luring with ham – do you think she’ll remember what happened yesterday?!

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