60 before 60 redux

Thank you to those of you who happily offered their lists of “experiences” or challeges for my perusal – I appreciate the offer…However, that wasn’t quite what I meant. I actually would like you to choose a challenge/thing to do for me…It could be as simple as “Invite French friends for an English afternoon tea” (I quite like that one!!) or a bit more challenging.

I like The Home Place Web’s suggestion of an art exhibition/show…One of my students recently said that a restaurant she goes to has art work for sale on the walls. Perhaps I could explore that possibility.

So those of you who said “You’re welcome to choose from my list” please could YOU choose something from your list…The proviso being that it incurs (if that’s the right word) little or no cost. Sadly, that might put Shazza’s llama trekking out of the picture, but maybe I could visit the llama farm which isn’t too far from here…

So N°1 on the list of A Few Things Before I’m 60 is organise some kind of art show.

What’s going to be N°2?



10 thoughts on “60 before 60 redux

  1. I like the art exhibition idea. Perhaps you could also organise a charity event – something like an auction for a charity you feel passionate about. I love your zentangles so maybe self publish a collection or publish a collection of your blogs – I’m sure people would be interested. Definitely include some things you really want to do too though – learn a new skill maybe?

  2. I’m trying to make my 70X70 list and it isn’t easy! I haven’t blogged about it yet but will do so soon, probably in January,
    However, could you hop on a bus/train and explore wherever it takes you? Or read a book that you’ve always meant to read? Go to a professional sport event (like a league football match) if you’ve never done that? Or photograph sixty sunsets from sixty different places? Try a new recipe – I went on a sushi making course in the run-up to my sixtieth. Maybe try a new craft, or take a new direction in something you do already. I look forward too seeing your list so I can filch from it. Have fun

  3. For some reason I had a feeling you were going to say that…
    I do like the idea of inviting French friends round for an English afternoon tea.

    OK, here’s one (that isn’t actually on my list): take one photo of the sunset in the same location every month for 12 months, so you’ll end up with 12 photos each taken a different month of the year.

    1. Great idea. What about joining the Little Free Library Network? Littlefreelibrary.org or similar, google it. You can design and make your own library box, you don’t have to use one of theirs. It looks great fun!

  4. Hmmm… fancy a linguistic challenge? Is there a language you don’t currently speak that you thought you might like to learn, or a language spoken in a country you’re keen to visit? If so, get yourself a course and see if you can make it to the end of Ch. 2. If you want to carry on, fine, if you want to stop there, you should at least have some handy basic phrases by then. You might also try cooking something from that country’s culinary tradition.

    Alternatively, if you want something a bit more arty-crafty, how about trying origami?

  5. Oh yes visit the llama farm. That would be cute. 🙂
    The English afternoon tea for friends sounds good.
    Maybe organize a craft fair in your village to sell some art.
    And the community library sounds fun. Or a book swap. There are mini library’s in some old disused telephone boxes in the UK. X

  6. oooh,I clearly missed this!!! Will have to think of some ideas!!! What about learning to play a tune on an instrument you don’t play or haven’t played. Have you played the recorder? Why not choose to teach yourself Happy Birthday or your favourite hymn tune!? Need a recorder?!??!!

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