A couple of cards

I haven’t made many cards for a while, but here’s two I have made.

The first is for a family of friends who lost their father/father-in-law/grandfather not long ago:

I didn’t want to make it too sombre, so I chose a cream/grey/yellow colour combination on a darker grey card. I hope it didn’t look too “feminine”. It’s always rather hard to know quite what colours to use in a Condolence card – I usually use purples and greys, but I was led by the background paper here.

The second is a cheerier card, made for a friend who is currently going in a clinic, for depression and alcohol related problems. She recently took an overdose – whether on purpose or not, I don’t know – and this led to her going to the clinic. Her OH has told us that she is responding well, and we hope she’ll be home in a couple of weeks. I hope this will remind her that we are all rooting for her to conquer her demons.

I often look at people’s blogs where they show their workspace – I envy those crafters who can work neatly and in an organised manner…when I’m making a card, my desk looks as though a bomb has hit it. I put things down, and can’t find them again, my glasses (which I take off for close work) get buried under drifts of paper, I have boxes of this and that balanced on top of boxes of other thises and thats…It all becomes a bit of a nightmare. And it’s a real chore to tidy up again afterwards!

I’m sure other people must be so much more organised than me!


7 thoughts on “A couple of cards

  1. I’m terribly messy at crafting. In fact, shamefully, I used our dining table on 27th July to make some cards and it is exactly in the same state still! Haven’t touched it since!
    Your cards are really beautiful!

    1. Thank you! As I use my desk for other things I have to tidy it up…but the floor is a mùess, as it seldom gets vacuumed and there’s a lot of bits of paper & sequins etc lying around!

  2. I’m sure you know where everything is when it’s left in a pile. I’m not a crafter (though I do make my own mounts for pictures) but I sew (and occasionally knit) and when sewing the kitchen is a real mess. I would use the dining room table, which is so much bigger, but that is covered in all my finance papers which I keep meaning to sort out but lack the enthusiasm to do anything bar what is absolutely necessary. I work best in a muddle and when my husband clears things up if we have guests, I can never finds things again. You are not alone…

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