Are we sure they’re not Belgian…?

The Boring Old Farts decided to join in a little with the Fete Patronal last night. We had already arranged with Richard that we could stay the night with him, as Saturday night is always the noisiest and longest drawn out of the Fete, and he invited us and Friend Cathy up for a meal. It was very nice – we had mozzarella,tomato & avocado salad, with a green salad. Then a delicious vegetable gratin, breaded cod, new potatoes and peas, and then the Banoffi Pie that I took up. After this we decided to come back to the village to watch the Son et Lumière display and the fireworks. We were a bit late, so we missed the procession of stilt walkers – or so we thought! Actually, the stilt walker (singular) was a part of the S&L display.

He and his LED lit companions arrived in the square, and after a delay of about 10 minutes started their slightly surreal display – juggling and spinning sparkler-like fireworks, leaping on sprung stilts, skipping on stilts. It was quite amazing.

One of them was high up on a trolley affair, playing the role of the Queen, I think, as the other performers would bow to her and she appeared to be directing their actions. As I said, there was one stilt walker, on these sprung stilts, so he leapt, and bounded around at great speed; there were two other performers who span these firework/ sparkler things around with great alacrity and skill. It was, quite frankly, not what I had expected at all, but very good.


My photos are rather disappointing: I don’t have the knack of using my phone to take photos, so these really only give a poor flavour of what was going on.

We had to feed the cats and check that they were OK with all the noise, so we went back to the house to watch the firework display from the balcony.

While the display was very impressive (although my photos certainly aren’t) I copuldn’t help feeling very sorry for the Poor Cats (the feral cats that I feed) and wondering if they’d found a place where they might feel safe from the horrid flashy banginess that was going on not too far from their home.

Not our display, but a better photo. Not taken by me!

I may go aong to the Place this afternoon to watch the Waiter’s Obstacle Course – it might be quite fun.

By the way, the title for this post comes from our belief that Belgians are really rather weird. This stems from our trip to the Christmas Market at Brussels, where there was the most amazing carousel – not with ponies, or tea cups, or motor bikes, as you would find on normal carousels, but with wooden articulated caterpillars and huge spiders.

There was another, with a tiny rocket, with just one seat in it, which went directly upwards, as the carousel went round, through a hole in the canopy, and then down again, with the face of the occupant peering out through the window.

Not only that, but the nativity scene in the main square included lit up sheep (in blue, red and green), some of which had evidently escaped and set up their home on the balcony of the Town Hall… And, of course, there is the Atomium (I couldn’t remember the name so I googled “Brussels Ball Thing” Google knew what I wanted!!); it pleases me that in 2013 CNN named this as the World’s Most Bizarre Building! We visited – you can go inside – and yes, it is bizarre!

So, having watched last night’s rather strange and bizarre Son et Lumière spectacle, I turned to Mr FD and said “Are we sure they’re not Belgian…?” because all the evidence points towards it…!


4 thoughts on “Are we sure they’re not Belgian…?

  1. If you can’t beat them… I’m glad you enjoyed the evening despite your fears. I haven’t been to a Son et Lumiere for years, it looked fun. Better to have been outdoors joining in than indoors complaining about it. At least that’s it done for another year?
    Yes, I think the Belgians are a strange lot. Have only been a handful of times – mostly driving through from Calais further into Europe and I can’t get on with their roads. One year we did a day trip to Bruges (from Ostend) and thought we were never going to able to find the road out again and would to remain in Bruges forever; the other time we ill-advisedly decided we would break our journey to Austria in Brussels for lunch and visit the Grand Place. We had no problem finding the GP – which is lovely – and had lunch in McDonald’s (we had our youngest with us and this was a rare treat for her). When we returned to the car park, could we find our way out of the city? Pre-sat-nav days, no signs anywhere to the motorway or any directions. We drove round and round in desperation (we had arranged to stay the night at a B & B in Luxembourg by a certain time) until eventually we saw a tiny motorway sign. It wasn’t the direction we wanted but we took it anyway, assuming once there we could go the way we wanted, so we did rather a large detour, but the bonus was we passed by Waterloo, which I had no idea was there (shame on me). We should have known better than to come off our road, by our Bruges experience. I can only asssume they don’t have enough people living there and want people to stay.

    1. I’ll be in Waterloo in October – the Convocation of the Episcopal Church in Europe is there this year. Not sure I’ll have much time for tourism though – we’re electing a new Biishop!

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