3 thoughts on “Enthusiasm”

  1. Can’t say I’ve been that enthusiastic back in the U.K. either. My excuse being that Mr is still off in France on his cycling jaaunt. But memories, memories! I’ll never forget being probably the only Brit on an Air France flight back to France during the 1998 final, cheers, hoots and a captain giving us match updates instead of weather reports. We still have the front page of Equipe (13 July 1998) framed and on the wall of our downstairs loo!

  2. That’s hilarious! Ha, ha, Mr Makron!
    I saw a funny meme on Instagram which said: Let’s get this Straight:
    Macaroon (pic of the British coconutty thing),
    Macaron (pic of pastel French thing)
    Makron- picture of him!
    I wanted Croatia to win too because I also like the underdog.x

  3. I usually root for the underdog too…but my then something deeper kicked in and I was 100% for France. Also loved Macron’s child-like enthusiasm! 😀

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