This…or that?

Shamelessly stolen from the blog “Wheelescapades“, which I discovered via Chomeuse…


Dog or Cat?

I’d rather have both – I fancy a medium sized dog – but if I had to choose, I’d go for cats every time.

Netflix or YouTube?

As we don’t have Netflix, I have to say You Tube, although I don’t use it very often.

Phone Call or Text?

Text. I have never really enjoyed using the phone – and now, in France, I hate speaking French onthe phone!

Toast or Eggs?

Eggs with toast. I love me a boiled egg with buttery toast soldiers…or scrambled egg on toast! At the moment though, I’m only allowed hard boiled eggs.

Cardio or Weights?

I don’t understand this question! 😉

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. I tried Twitter but didn’t get on with it. I belong to a couple of Groups on FB that have been very helpful.

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

I didn’t know what a snow cone is – Wikipedia tells me it is “a paper cup of crushed ice flavoured with fruit syrup.” – sounds like a Slush Puppy

So definitely, ice cream cone – but not very often.

Mobile Games or Console Games?

Never console games; rarely mobile games. Cribbage from time to time, but that’s all.

While walking: Music or Podcasts?

Neither – I prefer to listen to nature, or the sounds around me. It’s safer too.

iOS or Android?

Android – but only because Mr FD has handed down his old phone to me! Otherwise I wouldn’t know!

Cake or Pie?

Cake… I’m looking forward to being able to taste it again!

Swimming or Sunbathing?

Swimming for about 5 minutes; sunbathing for 10…I’m bored!

Big Party or Small Gathering?

DEFINITELY small gathering. I’m no good with lots of people, especially if I don’t know them.

New Clothes or New Phone?

Clothes please. I have no interest in getting a new phone, as I just wait for Mr FD’s hand-me-down. But, if I’m honest, I have no need of new clothes either.

Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

A loyal friend – it shouldn’t matter if they’re rich or not.

Football or Basketball?

Couldn’t give a monkey’s…

Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

Probably the house, but I’m not really very houseproud. If someone came and did it all for me, that would be good.

What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?

They’re both fine. I’m not keen on ironing, but Mr FD is doing that for me at the moment. I’m not looking forward to when I can’t really ask him to do it for me!

Jogging or Hiking?

Neither. Walking gently is my limit!

Bath or Shower?

Shower. I get trapped in baths as I’m overweight and have no upper body strength. I had a terrible time getting out of a slippery, deep bath a couple of years ago. Really quite unnerving!

Sneakers, or sandals?

Trainers – I have to wear orthopaedic inner soles, which preclude pretty sandals.

Glasses or Contacts?

Glasses. Since I was 17.

Hamburger or Taco?

If we’re talking home made, then probably some kind of bean burger (though I’m not vegetarian). Eating out – neither. We can do much better than that!

Couch or Recliner?

We have sofas. Though I like the idea of a recliner…

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?

Usually in shops. Though Amazon One-Click is a wonderfully terrible thing!

Receive: Email or Letter?

I like receiving both, but letters are great. I need to write more too.

Passenger or Driver?

If Mr FD isn’t in the car, I love driving. Don’tlike driving with him as a passenger though: I always feel judged.

Tablet or Computer?

I have both, and I use both. Slight preference towards the PC though.

Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?

DEfinitely both..

Car or Truck?


Blue or Red?

Depends what we’re talking about. But I don’t have a favourite colour out of these two.

Money or Free Time?

At the moment I have plenty of free time. More money would be nice, but that makes me sound a bit grasping!

Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

Wouldn’t choose either – a walk in the country, or a day sight seeing is preferable.

At a movie: Candy or Popcorn?

SHOCK! HORROR! PROBE!!! Do you not know The Code of Conduct?!

Pen or Pencil?

What am I doing with it?

Toilet paper: Over or Under?

Over. Definitely.

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

Upside down. Unless there’s a kitten in it!

Pancake or Waffle?

Crepes – with either lemon & sugar, or Nutella.

Coke or Pepsi?

Wouldn’t choose either.

Coffee Cup or Thermos?

I don’t walk around with drinks. But I would always have a coffee at home (until now, when I tend to go for fruit tisanes. I’ve lost enjoyment of coffee)

Blinds or Curtain?


Train or Plane?

Train. I rerally don’t enjoy flying at all.

Phone or Tablet?


Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?

I’ve never had iced coffee. Cold coffee seems like a weird thing to drink through choice.

Meat or Vegetables?

I like both. But I could (reasonably happily) live a vegetarian lifestyle. Except for the odd full English breakfast, or bacon/ sausage sandwich!

International Vacation or a New TV?

Holiday. Couldn’t be bothered about the TV, though Mr FD might beg to differ.

Save or Spend?

Spend. If I have it, I usually spend it.

Honesty or Other’s Feelings?

If I can manage it, both. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a fudge…

Coffee or Tea?

In a normal situation, coffee – but it’s got a nasty bitter taste at the moment.So fruit juice or infusions for me.

TV or Book?

I enjoy both. It depends on the time of day, the book, or the TV show.

Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater?

I like going to the CINEMA, but we don’t go that often.

Ocean or Mountains?

No preference – they are both amazing.

Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?

I have never seen a horror movie, and don’t intend starting now.

City or Countryside?

Well, we live in a small country village now, which I love, but I do miss things about the city – especially the city of Milton Keynes where we lived before moving out here.

Winter or Summer?


Mac or PC?

PC. If I really cared.

Console Gaming or PC Gaming?


Soup or Sandwich?

Both – soup-and-a-sandwich is a favourite lunch.

Card Game or Board Game?

I don’t really enjoy either, except an occasional game of crib.

Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?

Both sound horrendous!

Working Alone or Working in a Team?

I’ve done both. They’re both fine, in different ways, and tricky, in different ways.

Dine In or Delivery?

I love eating out, especially as it can be done so reasonably here. I’m SO looking forward to having my tastebuds back!!

Sweater or Hoodie?

I love pullovers. Definitely a pullover.

Motorcycle or Bicycle?

I’m erring towards an e-bike. I’ve never been on a motorbike, and nor do I wish to.

Book or eBook?

I can’t say it better than Gemma-“Wheelescapades” herself: EBook for ease, nothing better than the feel and smell of the real thing though.

When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?

No fan. And very often a HWB

TV Shows or Movies?

I prefer watching TV shows on the TV, but am not averse to watching a film on TV.


10 thoughts on “This…or that?

    • HAH! Yes, but…I think of binge watching as staying in all day to watch. We only ever watched three episodes at a timle. That’s not bingeing, that’s just REALLY enjoying a series.

      (mutters) OK then.

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