Some people have got no taste…

In fact, for me, that baby foods taste of nothing…

It’s an odd sensation,eating food that looks delicious, has a faint (but tempting) aroma, and yet tastes of zilch. Nada. Nuttin’ at all.

For the first couple of days after this happened I went off the idea of eating. I existed on porridge and bread (not so good for the bowels!) but Mr FD and I decided that this was no good. Different sites gave different advice, but many said to try strong flavours, such as curry, chilli and so on. However, although I couldn’t really taste these flavours, they still burned my mouth, which is quite sensitive. I’m lucky enough not to have developed ulcers (yet!) but strong flavours hurt – including mint. I find that toothpaste is too strong a mintiness, so I only have a tiny smear. And extra-strong mints have me whimpering “the pain…the pain…”

Working on the fact that I was enjoying a warm hard-boiled-egg sandwich for lunch, with iceberg lettuce and a few crisps, we thought that a way I might – at least partially – enjoy food was if we worked on a variety of textures and sensations. The sandwich was giving me warm/cold, plus crisp/soft/crunchy. A chocolate chip cookie gave an interesting mix of crunchy plus melty (and a tiny hint of chocolate at the very end).

Mr FD’s chilli was a success on Saturday, with the softness which didn’t hurt, a tiny edge of chilli (just enough!), the different textures of beans, mince, rice and so on. Yesterday he made this salmon-and-asparagus-pastafrom my newest “go to” site for recipes

Oh, it looked lovely! It smelt delicious! It tasted of – nothing! BUT at least it had an interesting mix of textures and mouth-feel: soft salmon, slippery pasta, crunchy asparagus. Happily, it also includes 2 of my 5-a-day (which I’m not keeping to, by any means!)

We’ve planned a vegetable/chicken stir fry tonight – carrot, beansprouts, mushrooms, cabbage, noodles – these will all help make it a bit more interesting to eat. And, if it’s a particularly “umami” sauce, I may get a slight taste of that too.

I thought I’d try a different breakfast, and was really looking forward to this Bircher Meusli, that I made yesterday evening, from the same site:

I thought that there would be a variety of textures in this. When I looked at it, I couldn’t help but imagine the deliciousness of the berries, and honey, and creamy yoghurt…digging my spoon in, I took a big mouthful…and nearly gagged! The creaminess combined with the tastelessness just didn’t work! I’m determined to try it again, when I get my taste back, because I think it is probably very nice, but sans taste? – no, thank you! Back to banana sandwich, or honey-on-bread!

What is very bizarre though is the fact that I can still taste drinks – fainter than before, but I can still taste them. So I enjoy my apple juice/ orange & cranberry juice drinks – but I am right off coffee. Very bitter!! I am watering the juice down though, 75% water, 25% juice, which is better for me, but drinking about 2 litres a day. I know 500 ml of juice isn’t great, but I’m letting myself off that for the duration.

I’m slowly losing weight at the moment, mostly because snacks and alcohol hold little, or no, appeal! There’s no point having a biscuit with your mid-morning drink, if you can’t taste it! There’s no sense of “I like something sweet in the evening” if you can’t distinguish sweet from anything else! There’s no “Oh, I really enjoyed that, so even if I’m full I’ll have a bit more!” There’s no “Let’s have an apèro, and a few snacks and nibbles” when the drinks taste bitter, and the nibbles are crisp enough to hurt my mouth and taste of nothing! I’m down about 2 or 3 kg from my last weigh in, but I’m still way too heavy. So, I’m aware that when things are back to as normal as possible, things need to change…

Knowing that we need to up our vegetable intake, and reduce our red meat intake, I think this site will be useful. These are some of the recipes we’ll be trying:

There are lots, and lots, and LOTS of recipes. I also like the way you can see (on some ) how many portions of fruit/veg they provide. I’m also going to be going back to my copy of “River Cottage Veg Every Day”, which I used a lot when I first got it. Here is a link to my old blog pages, with the tag “River Cottage” should you be ionterested in finding out more. I’m enjoying Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s series on BBC1 at the moment “Britain’s Fat Fight”…

I also really, seriously, need to think about exercise. But that’s for another day…

But, over to you, dear ones: do you have any suggestions for meals which would tempt me on the texture front, and Mr FD on the taste front?



10 thoughts on “Some people have got no taste…

  1. Really sorry that your sense of taste is all awry. I have to say that when I lose my taste I always reach for fishfingers! Seriously, sometime Imake up some brown breadcrumbs with some lemon zest and seasoning and little oil then top on salmon or any fish then bake in the oven on a bed of veggies. You get crunchy veg and topping, soft fish and not too bad for you. My husband adds chilli flakes to his but you could skip that bit. Or what about a veggie pie with filo pastry scrunched up on top?

  2. I used to know someone who’d been in a car accident and lost her sense of taste as a result. She went for textures after that, and I seem to remember celery featuirng a lot. Which prompts me to suggest: apple, celery and walnut salad?

  3. Not being able to taste sounds awful.

    How about sweet potato, spinach and chickpea curry? The sweet potatoes are soft, but if you put the chickpeas in right at the end and just heat them through they stay firm. And just enough curry flavour for you to taste it without it hurting your mouth.
    Or tuna pasta bake. You can put in whatever vegetables you like, but I tend to use beans or chickpeas plus courgette and I crush plain crisps over the top. Keep the courgette chunks fairly large and put them in raw. I put my bake in the oven for 20 minutes and the courgette comes out still crunchy.
    Maybe a salad with different textures? Lettuce, walnuts, apple, chicken and mozzarella balls is nice and has a few different textures.

  4. Comisserations…..i found that anything with peanuts helped in the texture dept….as did cooking all veg Very slightly; that crunch factor really helped me, might help you too? Horseradish Sauce was a lifesaver, as was marmite and only some vinegar. It was the lack of taste …combined with….the appalling sense of slush in my mouth that did it for me. Just like cotton wool. Hope matter improve.

  5. Yes, the texture of cotton-wool-and-soggy-cardboard! I discovered that this is due to damage in the salivary glands, so drinking lots should help a little with this. I fear horseradish would hurt too much – and it’s hard to find here in France. Crunchy veg is good though. Thank you for your suggestions.

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