Three Days: Three Quotes challenge :: Day 2

I was nominated for this little challenge by Bev – you can read the rules etc on yesterday’s post…

Today’s quotation is actually rather similar in feel to yesterday’s, to be honest. Maybe this is because I have felt the need for life affirming quotations recently!

This one comes from Julian of Norwich.

Quoting from Wikipedia: Julian of Norwich (c. 8 November 1342 – c. 1416) was an English anchoress and an important Christian mystic and theologian. Her Revelations of Divine Love, written around 1395, is the first book in the English language known to have been written by a woman.

If I remember correctly, Julian longed to understand the love of God, and the suffering of Christ more deeply, and prayed that she might experience this. She became ill, and as Julian was lying on, what was thought at the time, to be her deathbed she suddenly she saw Christ bleeding in front of her, and saw a series of visions. Through these visions, she received insight into Christ’s sufferings and his love for us. Julian’s message remains one of hope and trust in God, whose compassionate love is always given to us. In this all-gracious God there can be no element of wrath. The wrath — ‘all that is contrary to peace and love — is in us and not in God. God’s saving work in Jesus of Nazareth and in the gift of God’s spirit, is to slake our wrath in the power of his merciful and compassionate love’. Julian did not perceive God as blaming or judging us, but as enfolding us in love. (from the site The Julian Centre)

The quotation above is reasonably well-known, but I like this version that adds more of Julian’s words:

“There is a Force of love…that holds us fast and will never let us go…”

This is what I have been experiencing through these past few months. I pray that you, dear Readers, will experience it too.


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