2018 40Acts :: 1:: TARGET

Usually I am all afire for 40 Acts, but this year I am heading into it with a real Grumpy Cat-titude. No. Don’t want to. Why should I? Got my own problems this year.

Well, I think that today’s meditation sums that up for me.

Why should I?

Because in the most extraordinary act of generosity the world will ever know, God offered His son, Jesus, as a gift to all. We need only say thank you.  For some the response is too difficult; for others, too easy. But it’s a gift that requires no exchange.

40acts 2018 takes its inspiration from the book of James and the inextricable connection between faith and deeds. While it’s clear that we cannot earn our salvation or win God’s approval by our own actions, James sets out a framework for the kind of practical day-to-day living that springs from hearing God’s word, obeying it and acting on it.

So for the next 40 days will you join us as we sacrifice something we love? Our pride, privacy, time, reputation, treasure. Will you take a risk and be a radical expression of faith reaching out in love? Who can you target today?

We need only say Thank You.


The challenges today are:

GREEN: Draw a target (like a bullseye). At the centre, write ‘God’, then in each ring, working outwards, write who you have in your social circles, family, friends, and work networks. Who will you target with generosity?

AMBER: If you’ve done today’s green challenge and want to go further – find a 40acts buddy. Someone to check in with over the next few weeks, both asking how your acts are going and if the other needs help.

RED: Done both green and amber, and itching to get started with 40acts? Do something today for one of the people in your target.

In my present grumpiness I’m thinking Bah! I don’t know who I’ll target…It depends on the daily challenge…Which it does, to an extent.So it is hard to focus on who I will target, but I am thinking that this year is going to be different for me.

Those who read this blog regularly will know, but those who may have come over from the 40 Acts FB page won’t: I am undegoing treatment for breast cancer. It’s not A Big Thing. The tumour was removed, but because the doctors found some cancerous cells in the Sentinel lymph node, there is the possibility that some have escaped into my lymphatic system. Therefore, I have to undergo 6 sessions of chemo, over 18 weeks. That’s going to take me way beyond the scope of Lent, but I’m thinking I may try to focus my generosity, my acts, on those other women who will be going through chemo at the same hospital, the medical staff, and other people in the hospital – the ancillary staff, the people on the welcome desk, the administration team.

I’m not sure quite how I’ll do it, as it will depend on the tasks, but I will try. My celebrated Ninja Notes – encouraging Bible verses or quotations written on cards and left in random places – will no doubt feature heavily

But I will wait to see how God inspires me.

I think too my other target should be Mr FD – not because 40 Acts is telling me to, but because, as my nearest-and-dearest, he so often gets the brunt of my bad temperedness. So when I’m feeling at my most down, I hope I will be still able to not take it out on him. Mr FD, I love you dearly.

As for the Amber challenge, well, I’d like to think that you, my Dear Ones, my readers, are my 40 Acts buddies. I will be trying to blog most days, (although there are going to be chemo days when it becomes harder) and I would love it if you commented/ challenged me/ asked me questions/ keep me accountable, and on the straight-and-narrow.

So, off we go!


13 thoughts on “2018 40Acts :: 1:: TARGET

  1. I think that your targets for today and beyond are fantastic. It is so admirable that you are thinking about fellow sufferers and the carers at such a miserable time. I love the idea of your Ninja Notes (especilly the name!). I would ideally being doing the Acts myself, but I know that realistically I won’t manage to accomplish it properly this year, so, instead I plan on taking your posts as inspiration to do a mini challenge instead, and I hope you don’t mind side-line cheerleading!

  2. Feel free to cheer from the sidelines. Always nice to be encouraged. One lesson I have learned from doing 40 Acts over the years is that if you miss a day, then your act of generosity that day is to forgive yourself for missing a day, and not to beat yourself up about it. So, do what you can, inspired by 40 Acts, or me, or any other Random Acts of Kindness sites and remind yourself that whatever you do brings more love and generosity into the world.

  3. Another sideline cheerleader here, Dormouse. Never heard of Ninja Notes before. What a brilliant idea. I’m not trying 40 Acts; we, ‘we’ being our church – are following Live Lent – Let Your Light Shine. I guess when it comes down to it, we’re all trying to do the same – to reflect that gift and offering light and hope to others. It sounds as if you’ve made a fantastic start.

  4. When I read my first email from 40 Acts last night, I was stumped. The Green Challenge didn’t really have an “act” or at least not one that challenged me. Just draw a target? I knew if I waited until your post today, you’d make it clearer, and you have. Now to decide if I will blog about it; I tend to be a very private person in matters of faith and heart….

    1. I’m glad it was helpful – the first “act” is often one similar to this, identifying one’s circle of contacts etc. It can be a bit frustrating if you’re all geared up and ready to go!

  5. So I am taking the time to read through your blog posts during lent. If you can find the time and energy to follow 40acts and write about it whilst undergoing treatment, then the least I can do is follow you and encourage you – I thought to myself – and then somehow managed to get to five days in without having done so. I haven’t signed up this year, and I can not give a good reason other than knowing that I will get overwhelmed. I am therefore going to be yet another side-line cheerleader.

  6. I know someone who went through this, and the way she was always so appreciate of the hospital staff, and always smiling and supporting of other people with that disease was inspiring. Beautiful challenge.

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