I told you about the Poor Cats, and how Red had gone downhill…For a couple of days, he rallied. The Kind Vet gave him some antibiotics, but the cat spent most of the day curled up on the pillow that has become the cats’ preferred pissing place. We don’t know why he chose that place at all – it smells terrible!

He hadn’t washed at all, his four paws, his ears, his backside were all filthy, and he was hardly eating or drinking. He wasn’t a happy cat.

So yesterday, Marie-Odile and I took him to the Kind Vet, who gave him an injection to send him to sleep. Red fell asleep with me stroking him and telling him what a good boy he was. Then the Kind Vet gave him another injection to stop his heart.

It was a hard decision to make, but really, I don’t think he was going to make it for much longer, and it wasn’t, in the end, a bad way to die. Better to fall asleep, being stroked in a warm place, with kind voices, than alone and cold in a ditch, in pain and distress.

But it still hurts a little bit: he was so like lovely, lost George, and made me wonder anew what had happened to our big soft boy cat.


9 thoughts on “RIP Red

  1. I am so sorry that you have had such a rotten start to the year. I hope that you get the best possible news from the doctors and that you have heaps of lovely memories of Red to treasure. I think that you must have made the kindest decision possible for him. All the very very best for 2018 and i hope to read better happier news very soon!

    1. Thank you! Although Red wasn’t “my” cat, he was certainly one of the friendly ones in the Poor Cat colony – most of them will run away if you try to touch them, but Red was one of the 3 who always wanted stroking. Sadly One-Eye/Bonnie/Barney who died last weekend was one of the others, so there’s only Cuthbert left who wants to be stroked. Marie-Odile & I are both missing him.

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