First of the Autumn

Hot water bottle, that is.

Not at night, but just tucked behind my back while I’m at my desk, to give a little extra warmth. It’s not cold enough for the heating, but the warmth of a hottie bottle is very comforting on a miserable Sunday afternoon.

Though it’s only miserable because of the weather – we had an adult christening/baptism at church, which was lovely, and I sang loudly to Rend Collective both there and back again. We have a pork-and-apple casserole to look forward to tonight, with roast potatoes & roast butternut squash. So I’m not mibsy myself. At the moment I’m in a reasonably good place, which is nice.


8 thoughts on “First of the Autumn

  1. Thank you for the reminder! I need new hot water bottles before it gets any colder here – there was a bit of a mishap with one just at the end of last winter, and I have an ominous feeling the other one, being of the same vintage, will have the same mishap if I use it!

    Glad you’re in a reasonably good place if a little chilly.

    1. You’re porobably safer buying a new one! I have an ordinary one, but also an electric hot water bottle. You plug it in, and the water inside heats up. It’s great when I’m out working (I like a HWB on my back when I’m driving) as I can plug it in & heat it up before I come home. Mind you, one of the cars now has heated seats. They’re very nice on cold mornings!

    1. Oh, I remember those days. I hope you’re feeling better now. HWB can be so comforting, can’t they? Sometimes I have one, not because I’m cold, but just because I want the cuddliness!

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