Brisk – or not so brisk – walking.

The past week temperatures have soared – getting into the car yesterday, after work, the thermometer read 42°C – which has meant lurking indoors, with shutters & windows closed, drinking lots and perspiring unattractively. I do – none of this “ladies only glow” for me; I’m afraid I need to take a large hanky with me everywhere for mopping up purposes.

Last week there were Shock!Horror!Probe! headlines about how a large number of adults in the UK do less than 10 minutes brisk walking per month, and just 10 minutes brisk walking per day can help reduce risk of early death etc. Mr FD pointed me in the direction of these reports, and said “You could take notice or you could just sit there and die!!!!” Which did seem over-dramatic, but I kind of get his point.

Trans:If your wheel’s broken, you better make your way on foot.

So, last Friday, at 3.00 pm (which was really rather stupid, taking into account the heatwave) I went for a brisk(ish) walk. Now, I will acknowledge that my idea of brisk probably isn’t the medical definition of brisk, but I thought that I might need to build up to that. So 1.6 km actually took 25 minutes or so. And I could have filled a small sea with the sweat that was rolling off me by the end!

Saturday’s walk was more sensibly planned, and carried out at 8.00 am, when it was still vaguely cool – and before my shower! Sunday’s was at about the same time, and all was going quite swimmingly – I almost felt guilty when I contemplated not doing it. The time that these took was not recorded, but on Monday morning (7.15 am) I decided to “Do It Properly” so I down loaded Map My Walk onto my phone, and so I can tell you that I did 1.66 km in 22.15 minutes, which equates to 13.22 minutes per km. This does not equate with the medical definition,of brisk, which reads: A brisk walking pace is 3.0 miles per hour or about 20 minutes per mile, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In International units, that is about 5 kilometers per hour or 12 minutes per kilometer So, I have to shave quite a bit off my pace, but for the present I shall say that at least it left me out of breath – especially on the uphill bits!

EDITED TO ADD: Actually I think my maths was wrong (no surprise there!) and if my average was 13.22 kph I am managing to walk at a faster pace than the brisk 12 kph we are being advised. However, I am starting to think that the 13.22 may have been a maximum pace, meaning that much of the walk could have been more leisurely! I will need to check that.

All looking good to continue…until I managed to fall on Monday evening. Coming out from a friend’s house I somehow fell down three steps onto the gravel path. I still have no idea what happened – I had had 2 Pimms & a glass of wine, but felt clear headed and not at all tipsy – I just think I thought that there wasn’t a step where there was one, so there wasn’t the solid ground I was expecting when I put my foot down, but I’m not certain.

Luckily I whacked my head on the ground, rather than the sharp metallic edge of the steps, but it left me shaken, bruised and slightly whip-lashed in the neck. My ellbow has a pretty impressive graze too.Today (Wednesday) I feel less stiff, and my kiné guy worked on my neck this morning, but with a large & painful bruise on my left thigh I certainly don’t feel like trying a brisk walk!

All of which has rather scuppered the Getting-Slightly-Fitter plan.

Never mind. I’ll start again at the weekend, and hope that I don’t end up falling over again.

ETA: I didn’t start walking again this weekend – see later post to explain why – but I’m fine after the fall and will start again tomorrow, which is Monday (all being well)


5 thoughts on “Brisk – or not so brisk – walking.

    1. I’ve managed a couple of walks since then…but I have thought again about the recommended 12 kph an hour. That seems impossible! My maths was wrong (twice!) and I’ve worked out that I am doing 1.6 km in about 21 minutes. So that’s nowhere near 12 kph. It’s more like 4.8 km/h Which is ridiculously slow compared to what I’m supposed to be doing. But 12 kph requires you to do 1 km in 5 minutes. Is that possible, without running? I was fairly knackered after my miserable effort! I think I shall not bother about trying to reach 12 kph at the moment, but just get on with walking in a way that makes me breathless. Sorry. This isn’t a “reply”, it’s another blogpost!! 🙂

      1. There is no way you can walk 1km in 5 minutes! I walked 4k in 17 minutes the other day and I wasn’t out of breath but felt like it was far enough! I think as long as you keep going at a pace you can manage you are doing some good. You will be able to walk further and quicker in time, try not to over think it 😊

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