Pray, tell me…

How is it that, even with  8 litter trays scattered on every floor of the house, we still have at least one cat who pees anywhere BUT the tray?

Mr FD spent a good halfhour this morning cleaning up the cooker and the side of the cooker, and the floor around the cooker because a cat (and we think we know who it is, Bib) decided that was a really good place to pee. We know that Jasper (or rather, fear of Jasper chasing her) may well be the reason, but there are numerous proper places for a cat to relieve itself. (I know, as I’ve just spent a very warm hour cleaning and changing them!)

Hey ho: here’s aSimon’s Cat that features a kitten, a cat, and a litter tray:

and a cute kitten drowning in litter:


6 thoughts on “Pray, tell me…

  1. Have you taken your Cat to the vet? Cats can have painful urinary tract infections that cause small crystals to form in their urine. This is not at all uncommon and is often the reason that a litter box trained Cat starts thinking outside the box.

  2. Thank you for that thought – we have mentioned it to the Vet before, but just asking for advice in a vague “What can we do to stop her peeing outside the box?” kind of way. The problem is that we’re not TOTALLY sure it’s Bib, as she’s not beeen caught “at it” (as it were) so it could get expensive if all four need to be checked out! Mind you, she always seems to be in the vicinity when suspicious puddles are found…

  3. You need a game camera so you can catch the culprit. It’s hard with multiple cats because they have their own worries living in society with others. Our Tim doesn’t have any cat friends but he’s very happy to be the sole mascot at our house!

    1. We borrowed one in the past to find out who was peeing on the stairs. It was Bib. Which is why we suspect her in the latest Pee scandal. We are finding that taking Bib to the tray at certain times (in the morning, & last thing at night) has helped.

  4. I love Simon’s Cat. Bib has been to the Vet and there’s nothing physically wrong with her. She’s just rather nervous and upset. This week has been better though, so…who knows!?!

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