All the Goings On

Well, it’s that time of year again – the travelling fair are setting up for a weekend of fun, fun, fun. The trouble is it is in the square in front of the house, and the giant Casino wagon is set up literally just outside our front gate: one has to squeeze around its side to get into the courtyard. The dodgems and mini-roundabout start about 3 pm and can  continue anytime until 2 am. A few years ago Mr FD had a contretemps with the fairground people, which ended up with him being threatened by an angry man with a metal bar – I’ve never felt that happy about the fair since then!

We usually go away for Saturday night, which is the worst. Our friends across the square have packed their car, and are leaving tomorrow for the weekend. They have the enormous Dodgems set up in front of their house, with the speakers right outside their bedroom window. We asked our friend Richard – who lives about 5 km outside the village – if we could sleep at his house on Saturday night. We’ll come back for the fireworks, just to make sure Jasper isn’t too worried by them. With the shutters closed and the balcony out-of-bounds, the rest of the cats are not bothered by the fireworks, but Jasper is an unknown quantity.

I don’t want to seem like a kill-joy, as the Fete Patronale is an event enjoyed by much of the village. After all, look at the fun things that are happening – boules competition! childrens’ games! a torchlight procession! a free dance! acrobatics! Vin d’honneur! (basically a free drink) Cabbage soup! My, I can hardly contain my excitement. I’m sure people will have a lovely time – it’s just that most of the village don’t have to sleep with it outside the window!

I worry for the Poor Cats too. Their home isn’t too far from where the fireworks are set off, and the Childrens’ games will be taking place not far away, so their peaceful rhythm of life of finding places to curl up, will be shattered this weekend by noisy crowds and flashing lights. They will, I’m sure, be quite frightened by it all. I will be feeding them a little earlier than usual, as by the normal 7 pm feeding time there will already be a lot of bustling crowds to alarm the cats.

On the cat front (but domestic cats this time) we were woken by an enormous amount of caterwauling last night – racing downstairs we discovered Jasper looking nonchalent, a drift of cat fur, a strong smell of cat pee, and a spitting, hissing Bib on the table. We don’t really know what happened, but I think Bib was over-reacting a little! She wouldn’t let us touch her though, and was glaring at Jasper with venom. Finally I wrapped her in a blanket & took her upstairs to our bedroom, where she settled down. Mr FD got a mop-and-bucket and washed the floor. Not really what one wants to be doing at 12.40 in the morning.

Of course, having been awakened so precipitously, I took forever to go back to sleep. I had an earworm of one line from a song going round in my head, and just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Whichever way I lay I couldn’t get comfortable, and Bib was lying heavily on my feet. I just had to tell myself that I would finally drop off – which I did – but it was a frustrating time.

The past couple of days I’ve been making Thanksgiving cards, to sell at church for Phone Credit for Refugees. I’ll also take them, and some Christmas cards to the Convention for the Convocation of the Episcopal Church in Europe – which is taking place in October in Weisbaden. Last year I sold quite a few and made 60€ or so. Plus got a commission to make 200 Christmas cards for the Bishop. I won’t be doing that (the 200 cards) again!

I have already put them in plastic wrappers so I can’t really photograph them for you to see, as the plastic wrap will reflect the flash. Just trust me when I say they’re quite nice. But I think I’ve had enough card making for the moment.

The Bishop’s Christmas card


2 thoughts on “All the Goings On

  1. That card is gorgeous! I can WELL understand you being distressed/wanting to go away by the fairground commotion! So noisy and you(one) worry/worries about potential antisocial behaviour!
    Eeek, what was going on with the cats then?x

  2. We were away for Saturday night – which is always the loudest and longest night – but the other noights were okay. Nothing untoward has happened since that time with the metal pole, but I’m still wary… As for our cats’ spat we still have no idea what was afoot.

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