The last part of our holiday…

After leaving Roger & Mags, we headed up to the Gower peninsular for the day. it was rather windy, and not very warm, but still spectacularly beautiful! When we arrived, wepaused for a quick lunch of a sausage-and-bacon bap in a café, and then headed out along the peninsular.


The very end part is known as the Worm’s Head, I imagine because it looks a little like a reclining dragon. It is possible to walk out to the very tip, if the tides are right, and there were many people who had done so, but we decided not to. Instead Mr FD took lots of photos

both of the cliffs and along Rhossili beach

Doctor Who fans might recognise this as the beach where David Tennant’s Doctor left Rose


and the Worm’s Head was CGI-ed into a city at some time as well.


After this we headed to The Mumbles, a pretty little seaside town, where we admired the new Lifeboat Station. We were going to stop for an ice cream, but as it started (unexpectedly) to rain, and we didn’t have coats, and we suddenly felt too cold for an ice cream, wer decided to go on to Huw and Trish’s.

Huw was a good friend of Mr FD’s at Uni as well, so they talked a lot about those days, and music, and Tech as well!! I’d met them both for the first time a couple of years ago, when they called in on their way back from Corsica. Trish is really easy to get along with, as is Huw, and soon it was as though we’d known each other for years – as indeed, Mr FD & Huw have! We met their very enthusiastic dog, Dewi:

We were due to have dinner with another old Uni friend, but this had to be cancelled at the last minute, so we just had dinner à quatre eating a delicious lamb dish: Corsican Lamb(but I don’t think it had the artichokes or fennel in) and then chocolate mousse cake. More relaxed conversation, listening to Huw’s music, including his own band, and talking about everything and anything.

The following day we went out for breakfast – full English Welsh breakfast with black pudding, sausage, bacon, and all the trimmings! After that we headed out to Carreg Cenen Castle

Trish & I visited the Castle itself, while Mr FD and Huw walked around the castle hill, with Dewi, to give him a longer walk.

Looking through a hole designed for a musket

Looking down on part of the route of Dewi’s walk

Trish and I chatted like old friends, discussing life in Medieval times, gay rights, transgender issues (!) and food. A varied range of topics, one can’t help thinking!

We met up with the boys for a cup of tea/coffee and then went to a nearby village, Llandeilo, for lunch. I had roast beef and horseradish sandwiches, with a half of another tasty beer. We then wandered around the craft shops – there were some lovely things, including a couple of wonderful (but expensive) paintings. If I’d had £400 to spare I’d have bought one like a flash. Sadly, I forgot to note the artist’s name, so I shall just have to enjoy the memory of them, without any reference point!

When we got back to Huw and Trish’s house we sat outside, and played “fetch” with Dewi, and chatted again, until I felt very drowsy, so I went and had a “little lie down” before we went to an Indian restaurant where we treated them to a very pleasant Indian meal. I can’t remember the name of my chicken dish, but, while it was tasty, it was disappointingly mild. Mr FD’s chicken jalfrezi was rather spicier than he’d expected – so with a little judicious mixing of our meals, we both had a curry of a pleasing amount of heat!

The next day, Huw was working again, and we set off for Kent, where we were staying with MiL for a couple of nights before heading home. We arrived just before lunch, and then went to visit Mike, MiL’s partner, who is in a nursing home, due to a bad fall/ early dementia. It was lovely to see him, although he is looking much frailer than he used to.

When we arrived there was a musical afternoon going on, with an Elvis impersonator strutting his stuff, and flirting with the residents. He wasn’t a bad singer, so it wasn’t too painful to wait! Afterwards, we took Mike out in his wheelchair around the grounds, and then we were able to sit out in the sunshine.

Then it was shopping at Tesco, packing the cars, and off the next day for France. Home again by 6.00 pm.



2 thoughts on “The last part of our holiday…

  1. So good to catch up with you and discover how your time away has gone. Glad it was a good summer school this time and that you had time to meet friends and family. I love the idea of your annual meditation walk pre school. x

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