It was twenty years ago today…

…that Sgt Pepper, apparently, taught the band to play…

and it was  40 years ago today (well, a few days ago really!) that I made my “Yes” to God. I’d been getting there for quite a while, through the guidance of the ministers at the Methodist Church I attended, and the Gideons who visited my school, and one of whom was gracious enough to invite a questioning young woman to her home to discuss what was going on in her heart. But it was at a school Christian Union meeting that I finally conciously pinned my colours to the mast of Christ. Led by another girl at the school, and the speaker, who was a member of the house church that this girl belonged to, I said Yes.  26th May 1977.

I only remember the date thanks to a my dear friend Jane. She usually went along to the CU meetings with me, but this particular week she didn’t come. When I told her about what had happened, she was disappointed she’d not been there, but came along to the house group meeting with me the following week, and there she too said a resounding Yes to the invitation of God. Now, Jane is faithful in remembering the date and sending me a card every year, on my “birthday”.

Now, I’m much more forgetful/ lackadaisical/ careless / call it what you will than her, and I’m afraid I rarely remember the auspicious date (even though it’s a day after my wedding anniversary!) However, thanks to the fact that there’s 5 day’s difference,  receiving Jane’s card usually gives me enough to get off my arse to send her a card. Even living in France, the 5 day gap is usually enough.

Sadly, this year the postal sysytem let Jane down. I can’t imagine that she was late sending it, so it must have been the postal service! Her card to me didn’t arrive until 1st June! Too late for me to arrange for a card to be sent! Too late even for an email! I let her down.

So yesterday, I had time to make her a card:

I have written an apologetic letter too, but I do feel bad that I let down a good, dear friend. I’m sure she knows how flakey I am, and I hope she will forgive me. Still, there are no excuses.

I’m also sending her one of these lovely little bracelets:

called “A friend loves at all times” from Katy Day designs

I hope it will remind Jane that I do love her, and she is a dear friend. It’s just that I’m a bit rubbish at remembering dates!


2 thoughts on “It was twenty years ago today…

  1. Jane sent me a lovely email that said:
    “…we don’t have to be legalistic about dates! But it was the postal service’s fault my card was late, I’m sure I posted it in plenty of time.

    I look forward to the card and beautiful bracelet. I shared our testimony in church last Sunday as an encouragement to people to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives. Thank you so much for taking me along to that housegroup meeting!

    I went to a Pentecost celebration at Guildford Cathedral today, thousands of people were there apparently. It was very moving worshipping in such a crowd.”

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