Away with the Cyclos Day 2

Hello again! I really need to get on with this “series” – I have 4 days to write up, a bad memory and not that much time to spare! (What I mean by that is that my days are busy, not that I am going to shuffle off this mortal coil any time soon) (As far as I’m aware, although the incredibly cheesy pizza I ate last night has probably helped bring that day a little closer by furring up my arteries!)

So, Day 2 in Frèjus. It dawned hot and sunny. We all decided to mosey on down to the market, keeping our fingers crossed that it would be more of a success than the one at Port  Grimeaud last year

We were told of a lovely Sunday market there, so we all went  – only to discover that it didn’t start until May. And it was April. Still, we went on a boat tour.

Anyway, back in Frèjus,we parked some away away, and  headed along the seafront towards the port. With the beach on one side, it was a pleasant walk, and I loved the idea of this little shack:

A cabin where you could borrow books to read on the beach! It was closed up, so there was no detail about how the system worked, but I still think it’s a cool idea! We reached the Marina, but no sign of any market.After wandering around slightly aimlessly  we  feared it would be another Port Grimaud disaster, but eventually we found the market. Definitely better than Port Grimaud!!

Views of the Marina. No market in sight.

Once we reached the market, I was looking for a hat, as my straw hat had been sat on by a cat and split. I found one, bought it, and then immediately saw two I liked better. Sigh. Never mind, the one I bought is quite pretty.

It was remarkably hot, so I enjoyed a paddle in the Mediterranean

Note the hat.

We wandered along the rows of market stalls – about 2 km length – looking at stuff, and admiring the beauty and wide selection of food on offer. If we had been self catering this would be the place to buy Sunday dinner (and Monday lunch…).

We confined ourselves to buying a melon. The stall had bits of melon cut up to try – very tempting, juicy and delicious. But I fear that was my undoing…

After lunch, the cyclists set off for their ride, and the walkers started to congregate ready for their outing. I had already decided I was going to stay on site, and do some zentangling and reading. This turned out to be a good move as, at about 3 o’clock, I had a bout (or five) of The Squits. I suspect it was the melon that I’d tried on the market stall, as it started about 5 hours after I’d eaten it. Thankfully, I felt fine, save having to almost literally sprint to the loo a couple of times, and by 7 o’clock the worst was over. But it wouldn’t have been much fun if I’d been out for a walk.

As Sunday was a changeover day at the holiday village, there was a presentation of the activities available. Most of which didn’t affect us, but 4 of the non-cyclists decided to sign up for a minibus tour of the nature reserve. Me included. Then we had dinner, and Mr FD downloaded another podcast for us to listen to. As he was feeling a bit under-the-weather (he thinks that the combination of the morning’s sun, plus dehydration during the afternoon and the fact that he doesn’t ride well in the heat, had taken its toll) and I was feeling a bit drained after my afternoon’s exertions, we both fell asleep and missed most of it!

 Next installment coming soon!

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