Reports from the Front Line

Hello dear Readers. I hope you are well.

We have been away for a few days with the Cycle Club, down near Frèjus, & I’ll tell you more about that another time.

We had a few difficulties though with our little break, because Friend Alison, who usually looks after the cats when we’re away, was going to be in the UK with her family at the same time. Our friends across the road were also on holiday, and all our other friends are cyclists and would be away with us. What to do? I had the brainwave of asking Marie-Odile, who feeds the poor cats with me, if she could do it. She agreed, and so the Saturday before we went away, M-O, & her partner, Rudy, came to meet the cats. All went well, the routines were explained and we knew that the cats would be well looked after.

What we didn’t realise was how entertaining Rudy’s twice-daily reports on the cats would be. His English is quite good, and he wrote all his text messages in English. I thought I would share a few with you, as they are so amusing…

First message: Hey, Rudy calling. First of the 4 was Miss Milley I ran into. She nodded as a sign of accepting my presence…She ate…before observing me with a keen eye while I waited on Gaspard and Pomme…Pomme particularly gourmand ate more than her dinner, but Bib was not there to watch. Shame on him…Well, that was it for tonight, maybe Bib shows more curiosity tomorrow morning. If so, I’ll explain the rules of the presidential elections!

Next day: Pomme made it definitely clear that I have made her wait too long for breakfast! Upstairs Gaspard was very occupied with chasing things he saw but not me!…Miss Milley let me caress her but she wasn’t at all interested in food whatever! In the presidential elections neither, is she French? So I called Bib but she hasn’t shown up.Maybe Bib is just a lazy bum who prefers to be left alone…

That evening: Hey, dinner has been served out. Miss Milley, Pomme and Gaspard were all present from the beginning, but Bib I still haven’t seen…Seeing her just once would make me stop bothering about her…


Well, this morning Lord Jasper was more than excited, and poor Miss Milley had to run for safety. After having cleared the room his way he was ready for breakfast. Pomme is lucky to have a stoic nature so most of the time she is left alone and this way she can eat all she wants…I think Pomme really regrets the balcony, several times she tried to make me understand she wants to go out


Hey. Our cats have always been served their meals by one of us, so today I’ve been thinking what attitude they might show if you or Andrew took our place. I dare say that theirs would be like Bibs! So I forgive her to hide herself…Anyway I will have to wait for your return to see a glimpse of her nose!


Hey, this morning we had a phone call from our son who is squatting 10 days in London. Marie’s sister lives over there and all is well in your homeland! …The same at La Maison des Etoiles (the name of our house)… I’ve put two bowls of Whiskas in the room with the computer where after I waited downstairs for 15 minutes before returning and maybe surprise Bib, but no Bib. lol…


For Lord Jaspar, Miss Milley, Pomme and Scarey Bib it will be back to normal tomorrow evening…

We were very happy to bring back a selection of tasty goodies from the region, which we bought at the Olive Oil press in Callas. We bought them virgin olive oil, tapenade, nougat, herbes de Provence, fig jam, and two little “calissons”

Just a small way of saying Thank You for the good care taken of the cats.

So Rudy didn’t see Bib, but – as Mr FD predicted – within 30 minutes of our arrival she was there, purring and wanting attention. Hey-ho, that’s “Scarey Bib” for you!!


7 thoughts on “Reports from the Front Line

    1. You’re right, Bev. I think they were! I suspect Rudy really meant “scaredy Bib” as she isn’t very scarey, but he was messaging me in his second language, so I can’t complain.

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