Act N°38 (2017): WASH DAY

I had a message from 40 Acts saying they weren’t going to use my video that Mr FD made of me in the final 40 Acts video. I was rather relieved, as I think I look and sound a bit weird (sadly, I suspect the the general opinion would be that it is just like me!) although Jasper (ICOT) makes a star appearance. Mr FD was miffed “After all that time I spent editing it…” he moaned. There was the vague promise that it may be shown later on in the year on the 40 Acts FB site...On verra.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much about today’s Act, TBH, as my back – although improving every day – isn’t really up to washing very much! I can just about manage to make a cup of coffee. I am teaching one lesson – I can drive there (I hope!) and then just sit down. It’s a bit of a way for 1 hour’s lesson, as it’s 45 minutes each way, but at least with this lady I get some travel expenses too.

So, today’s challenge is


Today’s Maundy Thursday, the day when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. It was a simple act that said so much about service, humility, showing others their significance, and God’s kingdom. So today, prepare to wash some (literal or symbolic) feet.

  • Keep it simple: offer to do the washing up or wash the windows. Or, learn to do something around the house that you might not normally have done for someone else.
  • Offer to wash something a little more unusual – your neighbour’s car, their wheelie bin, their patio.
  • Wash something really dirty for someone else. The kids’ football boots might be caked with weeks’ worth of mud. The pavement in your street might need a jet wash. There could be some obscene graffiti on a wall in your area. Go and scrub it off.

If God prompts me to do some physical or metaphorical washing then I’ll do it. If my back allows! Otherwise, I’ll hold this one over until there’s washing up to be done (that I think Mr FD should do) and I will do it without complaint.


2 thoughts on “Act N°38 (2017): WASH DAY

  1. Sorry about your back. Hope that continues to improve and you’re able to enjoy yourself over Easter. Well done for sticking with the Acts!

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