Act N° 35 (2017): AGAINST THE TIDE

Hello everyone. I’m “confined to barracks” today, having hurt my back yesterday. It’s getting better, thanks to strong painkillers, and very gentle yoga-ish positions, but I still didn’t think I was very capable of teaching today. I hope I’ll be back to driving capacity tomorrow, as I have three lessons. But if not, hey, I’ll just have to cancel those too. Not much to be done, really!

So, after last week’s Forgiveness challenges, I have been certainly challenged to bite my tongue over certain things but I think it’s going reasonably well. I haven’t made so many snidey comments, but I’m not sure I have complete control over the mardy facial expressions yet!

Today, the challenge is:


Following the crowd is easy, but it’s not always a good thing. Especially when what’s popular excludes people, or isolates the already lonely. Swimming against the tide is the biggest challenge. But trying it – even just giving it a shot – can be life-changing.

  • Have a think. Are there any situations where we’re in danger of following the crowd? First stop is social media. Review last week’s posts. Are we ungenerous in how we talk about others on Facebook and Twitter? Resist joining in for the sake of it especially if it might take you to narcissistic or gossipy places.
  • Office gossip? Train delays making everyone grumpy with train staff? Collective moaning becoming a habit? Think about how you can turn against the tide. Or, something tougher: Who have you been pushing to the back of your mind during the 40acts challenges? Take the challenge to do good to that person today, even if you think they won’t appreciate it.
  • Challenge ungenerous behaviours that damage communities, our country, and the world. For example? Well, are we locked into a worldly pattern of consumption? Thinking about how our shopping choices affect the world? Generous in the things we like and share on social media?

(Just because it – kind of – fitted with “against the tide”…I imagine it’s photo shopped but it’s still quite clever!)

This is another of those challenges that may not be completely relevant today, but which will certainly be relevant at one time or another, I am sure. I am becoming more convinced that, as Christians, we need to support our brothers and sisters of other faiths, and of none. Not with any ulterior motives of bringing them to Christ, but just because. Because they are our brothers and sisters. Because no-one deserves to be treated with distain (even if we disagree with their politics/ stance on Brexit/ religion/ whatever )

So I support “Stop Funding Hate” & now sign their petitions and write to those companies that support the hate-mongering newspapers. Although this article from The Spectator, arguing against the SFH campaign is interesting reading; I can partly, at least, see their point of view, but I still think that it’s worth supporting SFH, even if that makes me a “nasty eliteist”.

And when (which isn’t often) I read hate-mongering comments on FB I try to challenge them.

It’s only a small thing, but every small thing helps somewhere along the line…


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