A Pause in Lent N°5: Judas

Joining in with Ang, and some other blogging friends, sharing thoughts on Lent. I have been sharing poems that have meant something to me, or just caught my eye. Today I offer you one, perhaps really meant for Good Friday, and beyond…


 Thirty pieces of silver

Was it worth that –

or more?

Would you have done it

for less?

Believing that you were part of the plan,

Believing perhaps that He had lost his nerve

And wouldn’t rise up

In all His glory to bring about

The New Jerusalem.

And how did you feel

when it all went


When the beginning you thought would come about

appeared to be

the End?

Your whole world crumbled,

Broken shards of confidence

Of what you held so dear

Of what you thought you knew.

Were you so distraught

That the meaning of your life had gone

So that

to continue breathing

was not to continue living?

And when your anguish overcame you

And you chose to die,

Did you ever, for one

heart-stopping moment,

believe that ~

despite it all ~

the end was the beginning,

And the death was

the start of Life itself


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