Acts N° 33 & 34 (2017): Forgive (2) & Flow

Hello dear Readers. I hope everyone is well. I am feeling rather full up, and not quite all-here, due to a long night’s consumption of beer and pork products. You can read about it over at Fat Dormouse

But I’m not here to complain about feeling full up; I’m here to write about 40 Acts. On with the show!

Act N° 33 :: FORGIVE (2)

This is about following through on forgiveness. Forgiveness is tough, but once you’ve made a decision, it’s significantly easier than dithering over the choice. With God’s grace it can happen, but the hurt might not always disappear overnight. By showing forgiveness in a practical way you help to heal the wounds.

  • If you are still getting to grips with yesterday’s act, spend today getting closer to forgiveness.
  • Finding a practical way to show forgiveness starts with sincerely putting the other person first. There are two ways to approach this: (1) think, yourself, of a way to show forgiveness; (2) ask the person you’re forgiving what might be a good start.
  • Give more than they deserve back. If you’ve forgiven someone, how do you actively demonstrate that with kindness?

As I said yesterday, this is more an act for me that challenges me on those little, everyday niggles of when I think Mr FD (or someone else, for that matter) hasn’t pulled their weight, or hasn’t done something that I think they should have done. It’s going to be an ongoing challenge, where God will have to work hard on me. I can forgive, but I do put a bit of a face on me, so that everyone knows I’m mightily pissed off, even though I’ve “forgiven” the person!

Anyway, as a bit of a nod in this direction, I changed all (but one) of the eight litter trays that we have around the house. It should have been Mr FD who did at least half of them, but I did them.

ACT N° 34 :: FLOW

‘Busy’ is overtaking ‘fine’ as the standard reply to ‘How are you?’ There aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re rushed off your feet, you haven’t the time. Most of us are guilty of making ourselves too busy. It’s possible that the most urgent thing on our agenda should be slowing down and focusing energy on the people and things that matter. So, spend today going with someone else’s flow.

  • If today is one of those days you’ve got no leeway on, earmark a future time for being flexible to others’ needs.
  • Have a quick catch-up with somebody. Phone a relative. Or take a colleague out for coffee. Take the opportunity to look around you as you go through your day, and see who you bump into that you could slow down for.
  • Make it happen. Whoever you’ve ‘been meaning’ to spend time with, today’s the day (or afternoon or evening).

I’d planned to do some work this morning, and then attack the courtyard this afternoon – partly because Mr FD has been saying for weeks that he’d do it, and has never got round to it. I thought that, if I started, I might “guilt” him into it. That’s not very 40 Acts, is it?! – The buddleia is growing and needs pruning (probably the wrong time of year, but buddleias never seem to mind; the bird stuff needs cleaning, changing, throwing away; the pots need changing, and refilling, and moving. Lots to do. Neither of us really like such things, but it’s always good when it’s finished.

ANYWAY, I read today’s prompts, and remembered that I’d been meaning to contact a German lady who got in touch via my blog when George disappeared. We’d sent each other a few emails, but that was it. I’d thought about suggesting we meet up, but somehow hazd never quite got round to it. So, on reading the Acts, I emailed Regina, saying I was free this weekend if she was. Within 5 minutes she’d phoned me and I’m going over there this afternoon. And, for a Brucie Bonus, there’s a kitten for me to feed!!!!

So, there you go! An Act that really isn’t much of a challenge really… The courtyard will be there tomorrow, so I can do it then. Thank you 40 Acts for getting me off my bum. I’m off to make some scones to take with me!

UPDATE: Just to teach me a lesson (!) when I attacked the courtyard on Sunday I was given a bad back after 20 minutes, so I couldn’t do very much to “guilt” Mr FD after all! I pruned the buddleia & that was about it! My afternoon with Regina and Keith was a delight, however, which was good. So thank you, 40 Acts for that.


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