Chasing my tail: Acts N° 29,30, 31

Jasper (ICOT) is still young, and seems to enjoy chasing his tail.  He has so much excess energy it is exhausting just watching him. I’m not so keen on chasing my (metaphorical) tail – I know that in reality I have plenty of time to do everything I need to, it just doesn’t always seem like that. And, of course, the more I worry about not getting things done the less productive I become!

So, this is, I’m afraid, a rather quick summary of what I’ve been doing about the Challenges in the past few days. I’ll just link to the appropriate page for each one.


This was about signing up to a charity, or telling others about a favourite. It prompted me to actually get off my bum to send the 40€ that I’d earned by making cards to Phone Credit for Refugees, which is my chosen charity to support at the moment. As I have already said, I want to find other ways to support this charity too – not sure what, at the moment.


The focus of this act was sharing your faith, talking about Jesus to others. Well…I diodn’t exactly talk about my faith, but I left Ninja Bible Verses, and copies of the Father’s Love Letter (in French) around the lake where I go for a walk between lessons. On the return trip, I saw one lady carefully copying down the words on one of the cards I’d left on a bench. Later on, I saw someone pick up another of them. I pray that whoever finds, reads, takes home these words will find them touching their hearts in some way.

I also posted a favourite Bible verse on FB – the same as last year, I think, but one which is “my” verse:

and I wrote:

One of my go-to verses….As long as I hold God’s hand, he won’t let me fall. It may be hard, I may stumble, but he will be there, keeping me safe. Of course, this rather relies on me not slipping my hand from his – just as a parent can’t protect a child who has let go of their hand, so it is with God. Keep hanging on there, Alison!!

ACT 31 :: GULP

Giving when it’s comfortable is definitely an important part of our lives. But God didn’t call us to only give when it’s comfortable. Does our giving ever make us gulp or cause a sharp intake of breath?

And this echoes what I’ve been thinking…I love doing 40 Acts (until they get too challenging, that is!!) but I don’t really, ever, step very far outside my comfort zone. I do give that little bit extra, I do spend a tad more money (on chocolate, on cards, on postage, on cake…) but it’s only little sums, that I don’t really notice. Even the charity donations are carefully considered…and probably rather stingy in relation to what we do have.

I am preciously guarding my time too (see above, re chasing tails!) and doling the minutes out to God a few at a time…Well, if I go to the Good Friday service, I won’t go to the Bible Study group…I can’t volunteer because I only have the weekend to myself…I would read my Bible (who am I kidding?!) but I have to plan my lessons…

I am going to wait for that “gulp” moment, but I suspect it won’t be long in coming. And then I will have to decide where I am going. I fear I may turn away, but you never know; I may step up. In the meantime, I will look closer at the Stewardship Giving account, to see what that might be like.

But this is definitely a challenge that leaves me shifting uncomfortably in my seat and looking for somewhere to hide!



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