Acts N° 27 & 28 (2017): 2:1 and FOOLISH

Oh my golly gosh! I’ve got behind (again!) blogging about 40 Acts – mostly because we had friends coming for a curry meal on Friday, which took up a lot of Thursday & Friday, plus work, plus cleaning, plus being asked (on Friday) to make 20 cards (for today). I spent all of Saturday holed up making Easter cards. Still, that’s 40€ to go to Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced Persons. Not that 40€ is much pay for 6 hours work, but hey-ho. If you charged for the time it took, then each of my cards would cost 9€ each, and I can’t see people paying that!!

If you want to see the cards I made they are over at Fat Dormouse

Anyway, I need to do a quick catch up with 40 Acts – although I’ve not really “done” the challenges, I’ve done a few other things instead…

Act N° 27 :: 2:1

We’ve come to expect bargains. And we love a ‘two for one’ or a ‘buy one get one free’. But how often do we use them as an opportunity to share with others? Better still, don’t wait for the bonus; buy extra anyway and make someone’s day.

Head to the supermarket, stock up on BOGOFs, and start handing them out to everyone you see: ‘Hey, I just got this for free and I don’t need it – want it?’ A bar of chocolate, a bottle of water, a newspaper, a concert ticket, gift vouchers for the cinema – take your pick.

Don’t wait for the offer; buy it yourself. Get the next person in line a coffee/sandwich/pint along with your order. Or, pay for a bus ticket for the person behind you.

Planning on grabbing tickets for something, or going out for a meal? Who could you invite along that would least expect it and you could foot the bill for? Invite someone out from the fringe of your social group, or prioritise spending time with someone close to you and treat them to the occasion. Or how about going all out and paying for someone else’s dinner secretly?

BOGOFs don’t exist in France. Youy might see BTGOF (buy two get one free) but more often you just get the price of the “free” one added onto your fidelity card, which isn’t so attractive. Anyway, I wasn’t going to have time to get to supermarkets today, as I was working/cleaning/cooking in preparation for friends coming for a meal.

But I did have time to pop into an early-opening florists to buy a pot of daffs for the receptionist at the company where I was teaching in the morning. She was a student and while I was teaching her she intimated that there was a problem with her younger grandson. These were to cheer her up a little. We also gave a bunch of carnations to Laurie after the meal chez nous – more practical than generous: we’d bought them off a friend who was selling them for charity, and Jasper (ICOT) tends to eat flowers so we thought it better for his health if we gave them away!

(don’t want to take the chance, hey, Jasper?!)


It’s April Fools’ Day and you’re fresh out of new ideas. Don’t skip the chance to get away with doing something outrageous: try putting a generous twist on April Fools’ and do something surprising that’s actually nice.

Lose your inhibitions and set out to make someone smile today.

Feeling braver? Devise a generous surprise or do the generous thing no-one expects.

Like the psalmist, throw caution to the wind, give to the needy in reckless abandon.

I suppose the mad thing I did was making 20 cards for Caireen – after all, she did say “only if you can manage it…” But I managed it. Just.

Otherwise, not a lot else went on.

Today it was “Buy a cake for the Rector and his wife”day (I bet you didn’t know that, did you?!) I bought them a rather yummy looking raspberry tart each.

I am humming and ha-ing about doing a video for 40 Acts. I can’t think of what to do or say. So I may not do it. I’ve not got any dramatic (or otherwise) stories to tell. I’ve just done small things which may have made a few people happier. But there’s nothing to tell, really…


One thought on “Acts N° 27 & 28 (2017): 2:1 and FOOLISH

  1. I don’t have any videoworthy stories either. But I did make someone smile, and spent all Saturday doing mending jobs for church members on my sewing machine. Finally at 9pm I got round to shortening my own trousers. I lived your cards, and think a Tart for the Rector is a great Idea!!

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