A Pause in Lent N°4: The Vision

Hello everyone. As you know (probably) I’m blogging about 40 Acts, but also joining in with Ang (at Tracing Rainbows) and other bloggers to blog about thoughts in Lent.

This year I have been sharing poems found on the internet that help to sum up my thoughts. Today’s is long but powerful,  coming from a “Links we Love” from 40 Acts.

The video of the poem is here:

and you can read the words, and a little of the story, on this page

The words that stand out most for me, and which are starting to impinge on my conciousness – just a tiny bit…I somehow think this is the area where God is prodding me this 40 Acts – are these:

they pray as if it all depends on God and live as if it all depends on them.

These words are originally from St Augustine  –  although he used the word “work” instead of “live”. I think I prefer it using live, as this indicates one’s whole life is dedicated to God.

But for me the focus is on the first part…I’m not saying I live my life as God would have it, not by any stretch of the imagination ; but I know that I definitely don’t pray as God wants. I need to explore this more, and find out what, how, when I should pray.

Any ideas?



2 thoughts on “A Pause in Lent N°4: The Vision

  1. Well, obviously I’m going to tell you to take your Bible and a cup of something nice outside and sit somewhere quiet, preferably with an empty seat beside you, because God will be right there waiting. Just ask Him what He wants to say to you, right here, right now. He’ll answer!

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