Pause in Lent N°3: Are you saved?

I’m joining in with Ang for A Pause in Lent: different bloggers, musing over Lent and what it means, or pondering something that has caught their attention, or how God has touched them this week.

As you may have noticed, I’m blogging about 40 Acts, and what this has meant for me and prompted me to do. For Pause in Lent I am searching for poems on the theme of Lent – or anything else for that matter!

During my searching I came across a lovely poem, called “Are You Saved?” It is on somebody’s blog, and so I don’t want to post the whole thing, as I assume it is still copyright and so forth, but I urge you to go to Michael’s Prayers and read the whole thing

It echoes the themes of 40 Acts so well, and I quote a few lines here:

Don’t save our soul.
Pour it out like rain
on cracked, parched earth.


Souls were meant for hearing
breaking hearts, for puzzling dreams,
remembering August flowers,


Next time someone asks, “Is your soul saved?”
Say, “No, it’s spent, spent, spent!”


(I’m not sure about the grammar in this but I approve of the idea!)


9 thoughts on “Pause in Lent N°3: Are you saved?

  1. I love this. Just wanted to chat to you about the prayer challenge yesterday. I found that a bit of a spur, and am meeting a neighbour next Monday for a chat. Anything that comes out of that comes via your inspiration x

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