Act N°14 (2017): Boss

Just a quick one today, as I have LOADS of preparation to do, and a very nasty looking form (that I don’t understand) to wrangle with! Bureaucracy in English is bad enough – in a language one only has half-a-grip-on it’s even worse!!!

The prompt reads: Your boss or leader tells you that you’re doing a good job and praises you for your hard work and effort. It’s just the way that relationship works – it’s their job to tell you how you’re doing, so you smile, nod, and get on with your day. But who’s encouraging them? Generosity goes in all directions: not just to the people next to you, but to those who are in authority too.

The Challenges are:

Lots of us are quick to fire off that complaint email or letter, but how often do we send one that’s full of praise? It doesn’t have to be long or mushy – just something generous. Bless your boss, your kid’s head teacher or even the CEO of your local supermarket or council.

How could you help the people in charge around you? Often, they’ll be facing time pressures. So what can you do to help? Run an errand, make tea, or walk their dog?

Make a conscious decision to honour your leaders on a long-term basis – even in difficult times. This could be an ongoing commitment rather than a one-off gift.

You can read the whole meditation over here

I am my own boss – so I can tell myself I’m doing a great job? I’m not sure that’s quite the aim of this Act, is it?!

I am going to see the Director of the Language School that employs me as an indepoendant worker tomorrow (in relation to the aforementioned nasty looking form) so I could voice my appreciation for his help & advice over that. I must say that ILS is a good company to work for – they may not pay particularly well, and there are some things that could be better run, for example, but it’s a small family business that (on the whole) cares for its workers. I used to be employed by them, but due to financial difficulties was made redundant. The Director was so apologetic, and told me that – as I was still working as auto entrepreneur – I should feel free to come in, use the resources, use the photocopier, use the phone for phone lessons, if it would help me.  And, when more work came in, he re-employed me (but this time on a different basis, which is financially better for him, but hey – never mind!) I could, in my clumsy French, try to voice some of my appreciation for this…Or alternatively, I could just take cake!!

But what I will  also do, is try to be more aware, in any situation, of the need to give praise where praise is due – for my boss/ colleagues / in shops or wherever.

And just because I like cats, and the title of the Act is “Boss” I offer you this:

There are more over at this site



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