Act N°12 (2017): Chocolate Tuesday!

It’s Chocolate Tuesday!

Ever popular with 40 Activists it is the regular Chocolate distribution day… The year before last I found this tricky…I didn’t feel comfortable handing out chocolate to random strangers. I still don’t – although I did so last Wednesday, handing a packet of Lidl’s version of Twix to a couple of council workers who were doing some weeding. To put it mildly they were confused but grateful. Last year I arranged for a delivery of chocolate eggs to a Women’s Refuge in Milton Keynes…And this year?


The prompt reads: Stress levels are high in this world. And we’re sitting on a solution. The smell of chocolate alone increases theta brain waves, which then trigger relaxation. So today we really are saying: give chocolate a chance.

The Challenges are:

Sling a bar of chocolate into someone’s bag with a note saying ‘#40acts’. Or leave a bar or two in your local library, on a park bench, or on the train.

Hit everyone in your department/road/toddler group with a chocolate bar – or wherever you happen to be going today.

Clear the Easter egg aisle in your local supermarket and get out onto the streets, handing them out early. Or, you could do what some challengers did a few years ago: stand up and announce ‘free chocolate’ on your commute home.

You can read the full meditation over here

I’m not sure about the random stranger chocolate distribution – as others before me have said, I might be wary of eating a chocolate bar I just found lying around. But maybe that’s just me and my suspicious nature. A couple of years back a couple of Activists caused much amusement and stirred interest handing out chocolate bars on a commuter train. Good for them! Perhaps, in English, I would feel more confident; here, trying to explain in French, it seems more difficult.


I am going to pop to the local supermarket in a minute and buy chocolate for my two students today, for the ladies who work in the office where I teach, and for the secretary/receptionist at the company where one of my students works. I have prepared little notes to stick on, that have the 40 Acts logo, and the words “40 jours, 40 réflexions, 40 défis pour faire une différence” and “Plus de 100,000 gens mondialement qui fait 40 actes de générosité pendant les 40 jours de Carême” which I hope may help sort out any confusion!

It’s not a huge challenge, it must be said, but maybe that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m doing it, and it will, I hope, bring pleasure to those I give the chocolate to.

But I can!!


4 thoughts on “Act N°12 (2017): Chocolate Tuesday!

  1. I would definite feel more comfortable giving out chocolate to people I know. And I’m also not sure I would eat chocolate that was just lying around somewhere. I like your idea of giving it to your students 🙂

    1. They seemed to like it! I did put a bar in the lift up to the CCI which had disappeared when I was going down again – so I left another! – but I’m not sure I would be happy eating a bar I found lying around! But I know that these were okay, as I had left them!!!

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