Act N°11 (2017): Talent

Good morning everyone! I have had a lesson cancelled this morning, so I have a little more time to blog about today’s Challenge (though I do still need to plan the one lesson I do have today)

So, here’s the prompt: Many of us are hiding talents up our sleeves, out of fear, vulnerability, or just not knowing how to use them. It’s a massive shame and a missed opportunity. So treat today as a second chance, and bring your lamp out from under that bushel.

And here are the Acts:

Think back to day one of 40acts. Search the list for any particular gifts or talents that you jotted down. Bring them to the front of your mind. Stick them on a Post-it note and leave them somewhere you’ll notice early in the morning; then actively look for places to cultivate your gift.

Many of us start developing our talents, but never make full use of them. What gift do you have that could be used to serve others, but needs honing? Do you need some help from others to get it off the ground? Do you need to practise or research? Take the steps you need to own your talent and tell someone about it.

If you’re already doing a solid job of looking after your gifts, could you pass them on? Could you offer your talents as a regular commitment to someone – or teach them and equip them to do the same? >

And you can read the full meditation over here

I seem to remember finding this similar Challenge difficult last time – not so much because I don’t know what my talents are (though I’m not totally convinced by them!) but rather because I’m not sure how God can use them.

But my experiences last Autumn/Winter has shown me a way. Regular readers will know that last October I was at the Convention of the Convocation of the Episcopal Church in Europe, and I made a few Christmas cards to sell, to support the amazing charity Phone Credit for Refugees & Displaced People.  As a result of these, the Bishop of the Convocation asked me to design & make his 200 Christmas Cards for that year

Which I did. And I raised 400€ for the charity.

One of my talents is zentangle inspired art. I love it, and have done many pictures for friends. I made bookmarks for people at a conference, and created various cards and such like.

So, I am going to spend next weekend (Mr FD is away so there’ll be no-one to tut if I spend all day up in my study!!) creating some bookmarks, cards and pictures to sell to raise more money for this charity. Hopefully the good folk at Christ Church will back me up by buying these things, as after all, it’s no good making them if you can’t sell them!

If anyone reading this would like a picture/bookmark/card in exchange for a donation to the charity, please let me know. Here are some examples of what I have created (click on the image to see it bigger)



9 thoughts on “Act N°11 (2017): Talent

  1. What a lovely idea!

    My problem isn’t so much finding ways to use my talents… it’s figuring out what my talents even are! Cross stitch is the only thing I’m even vaguely good at. And maybe baking.

    1. ‘maybe Baking’ sounds like a great place to start – I have found that people appreciate home baked goods even if they aren’t “British Bake-Off” standard, if they’ve been made with love. Cross stitch has come a long way in the last few years too – are there are all sorts of contemporary ways to use it. And do NOT do yourself down – any gift handed back to God will be blessed, and used for Him. And your blog [eg post of 1st Feb][ shows you have a real gift for photography. PS – now following your blog!! blessings xx

    2. As Angela said baking is a great talent – and people love a cake or two! Your cross stich is lovely as well – maybe you could start an Etsy shop (or would it become too much like work then?!)

      1. I have thought about an Etsy shop, but I need to figure out Swiss law first. In Germany I would have had to register as a small business even if I wasn’t making any profit! Too much hassle just to sell an occasional card. LOL. I am thinking about stitching up some cards and sending them to the children on Post Pals 🙂

  2. I have recently discovered a talent for making teacosies.. Off to my local haberdashery now for supplies as I have been asked to create a special one for someone….blessings!!

    1. You’re very sweet Michelle. No-one’s taken me up on the offer on FB or on the blog, but maybe I’ll be able to sell the stuff at church. Or maybe God will prod me into finding other ways of expanding the Zentangling. We will see…

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