Pause in Lent N°2: Lenten Poem

I am taking part in “Pause for Lent” with Angela, over at Tracing Rainbows  and some other bloggers too. If you go to Ang’s blog, you will find a link to the other blogs taking part.

This year I am posting some poetry that I find, relatingto Lent, to our faith walk, to our lives as Christians. Last week it was Robert Herrick’s “To Keep A True Lent”; this week I bring a more modern poem by Ann Weems

“Lent,” she writes, “is a time to let the power of our faith story take hold of us”. Isn’t that a wonderful line? It is something that I am afraid I don’t do – Perhaps I am fearful of what God will ask me to do, but if I let go of my fear and let the power of my faith story take hold then God can do wonders through us…My faith story – not yours, not anyone else’s but my faith story: acknowledging what God has already done in me, but also welcoming what he is to do. Recognising where I have held back, but also what wonders have taken place when I have just flung myself into God’s arms like a small child trusting in the strength of her father.

Lenten Poem by Ann Weems

Lent is a time to take time to let the power
of our faith story take hold of us,
a time to let the events get up
and walk around in us,
a time to intensify our living unto Christ,
a time to hover over the thoughts of our hearts,
a time to place our feet in the streets of
Jerusalem or to walk along the sea and
listen to his Word,
a time to touch his robe
and feel the healing surge through us,
a time to ponder and a time to wonder….
Lent is a time to allow
a fresh new taste of God!
Perhaps we’re afraid to have time to think,
for thoughts come unbidden.
Perhaps we’re afraid to face our future
knowing our past.
Give us courage, O God,
to hear your Word
and to read our living into it.
Give us the trust to know we’re forgiven
and give us the faith
to take up our lives and walk.


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