Acts N° 3 & 4: Local & Real World

Hello everyone. I hope you’re well. I’m fine but a bit shaken up after an experience that left me looking like this

img_0083Attractive, no?

You can read about it in more detail on my other blog, Fat Dormouse

I’ve spent this morning speaking to the lady in the Insurance office, and taking photos of where it happened. The dip in the pavement was 7 cm! No wonder I fell down it!img_0086img_0088

I was going to stand and point to it with a shocked expression à la tabloid newspaper, but Mr FD thought that wouldn’t be a great idea.

Anyway, apart from a damaged tooth and some bruises I’m okay. It’s just that I’m sure the cost of the dental work is likely to be rather expensive, so if the insurance can claim against the Mairie – just for the cost of the dental work, no other damages or compo – then that would be good.

ANYWAY – the Challenges.


The prompt read: It’s possible to live somewhere all our lives and not have a clue about what’s really going on. So, time to get lost in your neighbourhood. Find out who needs help and how might you fit into that picture. Visit your local pub or coffee shop, (or shop, restaurant, library, community space) – with family or a group from your church. Who’s there, and what do they tell you about your community? Can you see a route in to help people?

and the challenges were:

GREEN: Don’t change your plans for the day, but wherever you go, go with extra awareness of those around you, and the readiness to get involved.

AMBER: Research local clubs, community gatherings or other local initiatives. Can you support any of them – financially, with time, or with resources? This doesn’t have to be a life-changing moment. A demonstration of support that turns you outwards is all that’s needed.

RED: Go somewhere completely out of your way today – is there a busy park you’ve never been to? A religious group you’ve chosen to ignore? Choose to lean into your community. Take note of what might be missing. What opportunities might there be for you and others to pour out into your community? Start plotting.

You can read more over here

On Friday I was in Clermont, which is where I work on Fridays, so wasn’t in my own community, but I still thought I should be looking out for ways that God might prompt me to help others, and meet a need. As I drove to the Language School, I passed the supermarket where an old guy is often begging. I tried to avert my eyes so I wouldn’t see him, but yes, there was a big nudge from God.

“But it’s lunch time,” I argued. “I’m hungry. I want my lunch. I don’t want to have to walk back from the carpark to the supermarket. Grumble, moan, whine….”

Of course, you know what happened…God just looked at me and said “40 Acts?”

So I parked up, and went to speak to the guy. I asked if he’d prefer the money or for me to buy him something to eat. He told me that he would prefer  the money, as he had bad teeth, (?)so I gave him one of the 2€ coins saved up. By now another guy had set up his begging area, with his dog. I asked him the same question, and he asked for maybe a can of food, please? And a bottle of water for the dog? So I popped in and bought some cans of food, some bread, and a few other bits for him. “All this?” he said, as I handed the bag over. Not much for me, but a lot for him.

Yes, okay, God. 40 Acts. Sigh. I’m still learning, aren’t I?!

It’s really only a tiny thing. I feel I should be trying to do more, looking at the Amber Challenge, but I’m not sure what. Perhaps I need to do some more research, and not let my “Being English/ Not speaking the language very well” excuses get in the way of joining a group. That’s to be held over, I think. But I may need reminding to follow that up.

And today’s Challenge


The prompt reads:

Carving out whole chunks of our day to scroll, watch, click or post has become the norm. We like to think we’re staying connected, but if it’s via a screen how connected are we really? Can the digital world replace the real world? Today, take time away from the screen. But: make it matter.

and the challenges are

GREEN: Identify the screen that takes up most of your time. Is it TV? Games on your tablet/console? Sifting through your newsfeed on social media? Tot up how much screen time you spend. Review it, and make a conscious decision to cut down.

AMBER: Swap the screen time for some real-life human interaction for a couple of hours. Spend it with your friends and family, enjoying the quality time. Leave behind the temptation to check your notifications, or zone out at the telly.

RED: Commit to doing this for a whole day, once a week.

And you can read more over here

This is an interesting one. I’m not really addicted to FaceBook, and other social media. I recently joined Twitter, thinking I might tweet an interestingly witty #is it okay… to The Last Leg, but I haven’t got the imagination. I am confused by hashtags, retweets and how the heck I insert a photo. So that hasn’t really caught on with me. I like blogging, I like reading blogs, but I don’t think I am tied to my computer/ smart phone.

But the TV – ah, there’s a different story! We spend most nights in front of the TV, Mr FD and I, and don’t really talk very much because of it. We sometimes watch rubbish, just to fill up the time – although mostly it is things we enjoy. It is partly because winter is a time when we tend to “hibernate” and retreat into our caves here in the Bois Noir, but that’s no excuse! The days are getting longer, and spring is (almost) in the air.

So I think I’m going to try to find something Mr FD & I can do together that will get us away from the screen a little more, and interacting with others…

  • going to the cinema (one small screen for a big one!!)
  • playing cards with our friends across the square. Last year we started to teach them cribbage, and they taught us Tarot, but it rather fell by the wayside.
  • inviting friends for dinner.
  • going to a restaurant
  • going for a walk – when it’s warmer.
  • going out to our friend’s restaurant/café for a drink
  • finding a concert/music event to go to

Then I need to persuade Mr FD that he wants to do these things!! Well, we have started as there is a meal and music event at the Relais d’Urfé – Folk & Blues with “Blowin’in the blues” and Rock 70′  avec “Sneaky Snakes” (who could resist a band called “Sneaky Snakes”?! )

blowinin-the-bluesWe are going with our friends Alison & Gérome, so that will be A Good Thing!



4 thoughts on “Acts N° 3 & 4: Local & Real World

  1. Good for you for listening to God! Act #4 is an important one for most, I think. I don’t watch TV except for nightly news, but my laptop is too often on my lap. I have been consciously choosing to make time to connect with friends and neighbors in real life, but still stay connected with friends (like you) that I can ONLY connect with online.

  2. Eek – sorry to hear about the accident! You expect potholes on roads but not on pavements!

    And good for you with the Lent things. I have to admit one of my New Year resolutions was actually to watch *more* TV as days would pass with not turning the set on at all, but I agree about getting away from screens generally and into real life more. Go for it!

    1. Thank you for your support and comments I think that we do use our screens so much – sometimes so that we neglect to “experience” what is going on around us.

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