A mammoth task – and some words of wisdom.

I have finished sorting out the photos on my computer!

Instead of being in date order I have now classified them into Subject folders – which makes life much easier! Instead of guessing when that photo might have been taken I can (should be able to…) go to the appropriate folder. Particularly useful if I want pictures of the cats as they were all over the place!

In the process I came across lots of photos of Dear George – although Jasper-Cat is lovely, we still miss our George so much!


Still, what can one do?!

Of course, this will only be a success if I continue to classify the photos as I save them! Otherwise I’ll end up with a backlog again…This is rather typîcal of me, I’m afraid, I sort out something, but then fail to keep up with it – my craft shelves, my ESL resources, my paperwork etc. Never mind. Let’s see what happens.


Here’s an interesting thought, garnered when listening to a snippet of The Infinite Monkey Cage, a BBC Radio programme that Mr FD enjoys. Rufus Hound, a comedian, pointed out that…

If you mock failure, you mock trying, and therefore discourage experimentation.

 I thought this was really worth noting down. So often people do mock failure, but as we know, if one’s efforts are denigrated, then next time one is less likely to try as hard. I certainly found that when teaching in primary school. Support a child who is making efforts – even if they are not succeeding – and they are willing to continue making efforts. Denigrate what they are doing, and they will soon stop trying. It happens here too – mock my efforts at speaking French and I won’t bother. Encourage me, and I’ll keep trying!


On the Kermode & Mayo Film Reveiw programme on Radio 5, there is a running theme that Mark Kermode says reassuring words “Everything is going to be okay”. However, it was felt that Tom Hanks would be even more reassuring, with his lovely voice, so they asked him to say reassuring things (I can’t find a clip on t’internet. Sorry)

However on Friday night’s “The Last Leg” the wonderful David Tennant was asked to be reassuring – in the face of the world news – and tell us that everything was going to be okay. Which he did, admirably (though using some slightly smutty language) but the words that stood out most for me were…

It’s up to us to make it okay. It’s time to be positively rebellious and rebelliously positive…

There were other such epithets – it’s worth watching

…if only for David Tennant’s lovely accent!

This is it. Back to Ang’s words

I want to have the courage to speak out for what is true and just
I want to have the strength to stop and help those in need, not pass by on the other side
I want to have the faith to say ‘this is wrong, and we can work to change it for the better’
I want to have the hope that believes things will be different
and above all
I want to have the love that says ‘OK you are different from me in some way – but I still care about you, and want the best for you’

I want to be positively rebellious and rebelliously positive.

I want to live a different way.


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