No – really?! Advent Challenge final round up

Eeep – has it really been a fortnight since I blogged here? I am really sorry and I grovel before my regular readers. I have actually had ideas for blog posts, so have no excuses really, so all I can do is apologise.

I feel I should finish the report on the Advent Challenge series that I followed  before Christmas. I had got to N° 17 on my last post

Unfortunately the Advent Challenge pages have been removed from the site, so I can’t remember all the details. I’m taking what I can from the Facebook posts, but it’s not quite as detailed as the others…

18 – Give me a breakThe Bible describes how Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms in battle, literally shouldering his burden with him. It’s a vivid picture of how God encourages us to help others so we can all reach our goals and win our struggles. Give someone a break today!

I can’t remember what the choices of challenge were, but generally they would have been based around “going the extra mile for someone.” A little bit difficult for me – this was the day we were driving through France to the UK. Not much opportunity to give someone a break, except Mr FD who was doing the driving. I did my share – does that count?!

Of course,this is something that needs to be carried forward into the rest of my life – it’s not just “done it today. Finished!” So often we are concerned about doing our share and only our share!- making sure that others do their bit too. But sometimes we have to do more. Our generosity should know no bounds; we shouldn’t be ekeing it out little by little, but in this world we do so often think we’re being generous when in fact we are carefully calculating what we can afford to do/give.

19Our planet is a precious gift from God and the Bible calls us to look after it, for our benefit and for future generations.

Again, I can’t remember the challenges – nor what I did for this.

20The Bible tells us God wants us to have an attitude of gratitude. It’s the key to contentment.

Nope. Can’t remember this one either!

In fact, the FB pages aren’t very useful in reminding me. Two other “acts” that I did (but I can’t remember what the prompts were) were

  • give away a book that you love. I was in Canterbury, staying with MiL by then, so didn’t have access to my bookshelves.

So I went to Waterstones, bought a book I used to love telling to the children at school – “Six Dinner Sid” – and gave it to the first child of appropriate age that I saw on exiting the shop. (Well, their mother). No idea who the child was, buit that was my prompting from God…As I was buying the book, the young man on the till said “Oh, I loved this book when I was young!” and his colleague agreed with him. On a whim, I told them why I was buying it and they showed some interest…so maybe that was God’s reason for prompting me to buy the book… Who knows?

  • When we got to mum’s she decided to visit an old friend of hers who I mentioned over at Fat Dormouse  “Aunty” Dorothy is an old friend of mum’s. Mr FD was going out to do something more exciting, and really I wanted to go with him, but something suggested to my brain that I might offer to go with mum. I tentatively suggested it, and mum said “Oh, I’m sure she’d love that – I didn’t like to ask though”. So I went. It wasn’t the most exciting afternoon I’ve ever had, but Dorothy did seem pleased to see me, so maybe that was A Good Thing.

During Advent I had also signed up to Stewardship’s “Advent Wonder” series – 4 meditations based on characters/events in the Christmas Story. It didn’t engage me as much as the Advent Challenge – I think what I like about the Advent Challenge, and equally 40 Acts in Lent, is the doing part – the challenge to find ways of being generous, of changing my outlook and acts little by little. I think I do need to become more meditative too, as my life is not terribly spiritual, but the practical side (but only in small ways. Not big impactful things) seems to be where I’m at.

2016_stats_1_updated  2016_stats_2_updated

Well, it seems that lots of people took part in Advent Challenge, which is great. Then, as I have already mentioned, there is also 40 Acts during Lent. I always find it a good thing to do, and encourage my readers to find out more and to sign up for 40 Acts 2017



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