Meet Jasper

who may, or may not, be just passing through.



As you can see, he is rather similar to George, which is how we met him. This morning there was a ringing on the doorbell, and there was a man standing there, who I vaguely recognised. (After, Mr FD told me that he works for the town council, and I’d spoken to him when George first went missing) He said that there was a very friendly ginger-and-white cat who had turned up at Jocelyne’s hair salon – she feeds some of the Poor Cats in the village – and maybe it was George. We grabed a cat-carrier and rushed to Jocelyne’s. It wasn’t George, but it was a very friendly young cat. J said that he’d been around for a couple of days, and he’d turned up outside the salon today, so she had taken him in, as it was so cold.

I picked him up, and he cuddled into me, purring away and not trying to escape. I put on my Puss-in-Boots appealing lookand suggested to Mr FD that we might take him home, and look after him, while also searching for his owner. Mr FD agreed, so we put him in the basket (no problems getting him in – definitely not George then!) and took him home. I was suggesting names on the way back – Galloway…Ron…Wencelelas…

I then took him to the vet’s to check for a microchip (no yowling in the car, no trying to escape – just constant purring) of which there was no sign. The vet gave him a reduced cost check for FIV and for cat flu (clean) and reckoned that he was in good condition, and probably a house cat. Confirmed as male, not castrated.

Brought him home again, and he’s now shut in my study, with a litter tray and a cat bed to sleep in. So far, he has demolished a pouch of food, and almost a bowlful of biscuits, had a good drink, and spent the rest of the time asleep.


I have put photos on “Pet Alert 42” which advertises lost & found pets in our department, and Mr FD has put the same on “Chats Perdus”. We also have some posters to put up around the village. I rather hope no-one claims him, as I have rather fallen in love with him, but if he IS lost, then I hope the owners see the posters/ adverts. We wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what we felt when George disappeared.

We have decided on the name Jasper for him, as when he settled down in the cat bed he looked so very relaxed, rather like this picture

which is a lino cut of a cat, called “Jasper”, given to us by friends this Christmas.

So, we may (or may not) be back to 4 cats again!


2 thoughts on “Meet Jasper

  1. He is adorable and has such a sweet face! How lucky for him that you took him in. I will never understand how people can NOT miss a cat and try everything in this world to find him again. It would make a comforting story if he could be reunited with his owner.

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