Advent Challenge N°5

“GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” – ‘Peace’ may appear on our Christmas cards but it often seems to be in short supply in our world. Today is all about restoring relationships that have become broken and breaking down the barriers between us and other people. It’s not always easy but the Bible calls us to be ‘peacemakers’: people who pursue peace decisively. Let’s give peace a chance at least!

The three challenges to choose from were:

  1. Reach out to someone who has hurt you
  2. Forgive someone
  3. Send a Christmas card to someone you have fallen out with

TBH I couldn’t think of anyone who has hurt me, or anyone who I have to forgive, or who I have fallen out with….But I’m sure that somewhere along the line, there will be someone! I “accepted” the first challenge, but maybe it will be one of the others that I’m called to do. So this is a challenge that I’m carrying over for another time: I’m sure that God will remind me!

25.2% of people accepted the first; 52.2% the second, and 22.6% the last.


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