Advent Challenge

Kezzie mentioned the Bible Society’s Advent Challenge – which, bizarrely starts on 1st December, rather than on the first Sunday of Advent (but, hey, who cares about tiny things like the Church calendar?!) (actually, I’m not as bothered as I probably should be!) – and I thought I would join in too.

I have alwys found 40 Acts a great way to work through Lent, so I hope that this will be a similarly challenging way to experience Advent. Here is a link if you’d like to join in too.

We all get swept up in the preparations for Christmas, and, even if we are fully committed to being frugal and non-consumeristic (which I’m not!) I guess it’s easy to sometimes lose focus on what the celebrations are, in essence, about: God’s amazing generosity in reaching down to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, and showing us the way we should be living, a life full of love, joy, generosity and kindness towards our neighbours.

As the angels sang: Peace on earth, and goodwill towards all. That is what it’s about. That is why I’m taking the Advent Challenge.

Are you up for it too? You don’t need to be “religious” to do it. Just to care about other people (It being the Bible Society, there is a Biblical slant on it, but you can ignore that if it doesn’t float your boat)




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