It’s difficult to say…

…but while we are not giving up totally on George – we would, of course!, be delighted if he strolled back into our lives – we are agreeing that it is likely we have lost him. We still go onto the balcony and call his name, we still walk around the village around 7.30 in the evening calling him, we still watch out for him as we drive round. But we are not really expecting to see him any longer. I hope he has been taken in by someone who thought he was lost and abandoned, and who will love him. I will think that he has been. It is more pleasant than many alternatives…

So, let’s get on with the rest of life.

While I was in the UK, it was my niece’s wedding. I hadn’t met her intended, but he seems like a fun young man.

IMG_2724Here they are fooling round in the gym in the hotel where we had a family meal.


and on their wedding day.

It was a very quiet affair – just them, 4 guests and the registrar – but Rose’s side of the family all joined up for coffee afterwards.I think Dave’s family situation is a little complicated, so they didn’t attend, save for his mum and dad.

IMG_2739Other things I did while in Liverpool were…

  1. Go to Croxteth Country Park with mum


Here are some of the flowers in the walled garden.


And mum couldn’t resist doing a bit of weeding!

IMG_2751After which she needed to sit down…!



2)  Meet up with my friend David, from summer school last year.

We met in Southport, where we talked about books, popped into Primark, walked up Lord Street, ate fish-and-chips at The Swan chippy (lovely!)

IMG_2763walked along the prom, had an enormous ice-cream and took selfies


3) Go to a performance of “RIP Mr Shakespeare” in St. George’s Hall. It was billed as a comedic look at Shakespeare plays, “with a nod to Horrible Histories and The Reduced Shakespeare Compay” It was okay, but certainly not as good as either of the things it was supposedly nodding at… It felt remarkedly am-dram, with too much focus on funny accents and not enough on projection or audibility. Still, it passed an evening, and it was good to get out.

The setting was magnificent though, in The Concert Room at St George’s Hall…



I do love Liverpool. Here is a sculpture “The Spirit of Liverpool” just outside Central Station


Next time, I’ll tell you what we did when Mum came here…

Here’s a photo to show you what a bad food blogger I am.


This is where my fish-and-chips were before the waitress took my empty plate away and I said “Oh! I meant to take a photo of my meal!!!”

A big piece of haddock, chips, mushy peas and lashings of tartare sauce. With a bottle of locally brewed beer. It was delicious!

Here’s somebody on Trip Advisor who is better at remembering than me!


8 thoughts on “It’s difficult to say…

  1. I can’t help but think, your Georgie boy will just show up like nothing has happened 🙂
    A lovely couple, I send them wishes for the happiest of life together……
    Liverpool is my old stomping ground, I attendee banking college in Bootle, many fond wishes.
    And Southport….how I love Southport. When got my first car at the ripe old age of sixteen, I loaded up the neighbor children and treated them all to a Knicker Bocker Glory, I got my keys taken away when I returned home for going so far away !
    The plate of fish and chips and mushy peas looks incredibly delicious, now I’m drooling 🙂

  2. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that George comes home.

    You niece looks gorgeous! Jealous of her hair.

    I get in trouble for taking photos of my food! Boyfriend’s just don’t understand these things…

  3. Hopefully, George is enjoying fat comfort elsewhere; Miss Emma was known for her walkabouts and one day, never returned. I asked a neighbor who never responded and think Miss Emma Cat might be living there now. Lovely photos and you and your Mum are beautiful. Fish and chips sound wonderful but the wedding photos didn’t load for me so no comment there…would love to have seen them.

    1. I’m sorry you couldn’t see the wedding photos – I wonder why not. I’m no techno brain so there may be a perfectly simple explanation, but I have no idea what it might be. I hope you’re right about George….but we’d much rather he came home!!

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