…and so it continues…

George is still missing. We are still searching. We still have our suspicions about this gentleman…BUT we insist to everyone that we are NOT accusing him of taking George. We only want to verify that his ginger/white cat is not George. However…

  • despite having been seen cradling a ginger/white cat, saying it was his, and it was castrated, he denies having a ginger/white cat.
  • a g/w cat has been seen twice in his appartment window. However this may have been the tortie/calico cat that he is believed to also own.
  • he has been seen transporting a g/w cat ( although this may have been the tortie/calico cat that he is believed to also own.) from his car to his flat.
  • he has now blacked out the windows of his car so you can’t look in.

We now wonder if he is moving the cats to different places, especially at the weekend, as that’s when we are more likely to come calling. So, once my mum has left, we are thinking we may just wait outside the appartment block on Friday evening/ Saturday morning to see what happens. We also have people in the next block keeping their eyes firmly on this guy who will phone us as soon as they see anything suspicious.

The Gendarmes have told us that there IS a law against stealing pets, but we still require proof. A contact at the Mairie is going to see if they can do anything.


Meanwhile, we trail around Saint Just, chasing up possible sightings (so we aren’t just putting all our eggs in this guy’s basket) and plaintively calling out George’s name. Someone kindly offered us two small cats if we can’t find George – very kind, but that’s not the point!!!

Please keep up your prayers/positive vibes. I hope we’ll bring George home soon!

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17 Responses to …and so it continues…

  1. Ariel says:

    Oh dear, what a worry. If and when you do get George back how would you feel about letting him out again?

    • fatdormouse says:

      Good question! To be honest, the cats are only let onto the balcony anyway. After this, I can’t be sure we’ll still do that. Maybe we could “cage in” the balcony so they can go out but not get off the balcony. I am also a tad worried about whether this guy will wreak revenge if we get George back (IF he has George). Mr FD already thinks that he has tried something, but I’m not so convinced. Hey-ho. Life in a small French village.

  2. So very sad, how upsetting it is. At least you are getting support from others x

  3. Pom Pom says:

    Oh dear. Come back, George!

  4. fatdormouse says:

    Can you shout that really loudly, Pompom. Maybe he’ll hear you!!

  5. PaperPuff says:

    Still hoping it turns out well for you and George.

  6. Josephine says:

    The police refuse to help ? What if it were a child who had gone missing, and a neighbor was suspect……would you be required to show proof ?

  7. magsmcc says:

    This is terrible. I am so sorry that you are both having to go through such distress. Many prayers indeed x

  8. Jean says:

    Don’t give up. Sooner or later he’ll think you’ve given up and drop his guard, then you can pounce.

  9. fatdormouse says:

    Sorry folks. Ran out of time today. Tell you tomorrow – but, sadly, it’s not good news.

  10. Pom Pom says:

    Very sad face.

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