Developments on the cat front

So, the story continues…

Our friends, Monique & Michel, have joined us on the hunt. Michel is a little act-first-think-afterwards, and was ready for a full-on commando style raid on this guy’s home, but Monique persuaded him otherwise! Via a friend of M&M, we were told that yes, the man everyone had told us about had a cat, but had had it for quite a long time, so our hopes were dashed.We were out again last night, trawling the neighbourhood.

Then I was out looking & calling again, in the area of the HLM this morning, when I met someone else, who told me that this man had had a cat for a long time, but had recently acquired another cat . Hopes were raised again…

With lots of help from various acquaintances of M&M, Monique and Mr FD finally got inside the apartment today. The guy was obviously very reluctant to let them in, but finally did so. Mr FD said it was a total mess – like on Hoarders programmes, with boxes & bags everywhere – and obviously there was at least one cat there, as there was a box of Whiskas pouches. However, he saw no cat(s), save the whisk of a ginger tail at the window before they got in. We are rather stymied now: we are fairly sure (75%) that George is there, due to reports from various neighbours, however not 100%. The Gendarmes said they would only get involved if he refused to show us the cat – which he didn’t do, exactly, although no cats were in evidence. Mr FD said they could have been hiding anywhere – and George always did like a box to hide in!!

We don’t really know what to do. We think that – always with the proviso that it IS George – he is going to be reasonably well looked after (Though I get what Jean said in the last comment) as the guy is a cat lover. But we still want him back. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are others who go into the flat, such as a carer, so we don’t have an independent witness that there’s a ginger/white cat there.

Any advice would be welcome. We are missing George terribly! And my poor mother, who is staying with us at the moment, is obviously sick to the back teeth of us going on (and on, and on…and on!) about George.



17 thoughts on “Developments on the cat front

  1. Is the man a devious type who might try to hide George? Or might he give up and hand him over if you went there again? If you keep pestering the neighbours and keep looking sooner or later the truth will come out.
    Our cat was in a dreadful state when we got her back, riddled with fleas and worms, horribly bloated with chronic diahorrea, very jumpy and nervous, all presumably as a result of what he fed her and being imprisoned with this rough filthy person and his dog. So much for him being an “animal lover”. She is as I write purring happily on my lap.

    1. We fear he may have moved George to another location – apparently he has a caravan – because he knows we are looking for him. As I have said to Angela below, he KNOWS we are looking and I think now he is devious. We’re going to the Gendarmerie again tomorrow, to see what they suggests. It is now theft….IF he actualy does have George. We aren’t 100% sure (just about 75%!)

      1. That is exactly what I would do and be very strong with the police about this . You know the man is somewhat nutty and they need to recognise this as theft, nothing else.
        I hope I hope I hope that you have George back home with you in just a couple of days .. at the most. If he does not have George, and is innocent, he will let the police in and show that he is innocent.

  2. Can you wander nonchalantly about outside calling ‘George!! it’s Mummy here, come for your dinner’ or whatever. Or post a leaflet through his door offering a reward. It sounds am awful situation – and your Mum is inadvertently caught up in it all. You poor things,

    1. We’ve tried the calling out, and Mr FD got inside the flat finally, but it was such a mess he could see nothing…and the guy waited a long time before answering the door – long enough to hide a cat. We have mentioned a reward, we’ve leaflet dropped. He KNOWS we are looking for George, but he still insists that he does not have a ginger/white cat, despite having been seen with one. Our only comfort is that so many people around the flats are on our side & know how desperate we are to get him back.

  3. The gendarmes have said they can only do something if WE have seen the cat & it’s George. I am starting to feel frightened that if the guy feels under threat by the police he may dispose of George, to get rid of the evidence, as it were. George may have been taken to another place – apparently this guy has a caravan in another village. I know it’s only been a week, but I am starting to lose hope that we’ll ever get George back.

  4. I’m so sorry. We have experienced something a bit similar. Rick and Brian brought home an abandoned cat from a nearby town (a shop owner said the owner moved away and left the cat). He was the sweetest kitty I have ever met and we loved him dearly. Then he disappeared . . . and we strongly suspected the neighbor with the junky place and history of loving animals but taking care of them very poorly (not long after we moved to the area, the authorities raided her place and removed dozens of sickly cats, found a dead one inside her trailer and another outside, and banned her from keeping ANY animals for five years). But we were more reluctant to cause more prickly relations with said neighbor than we were to give up Tippy….

    1. It’s a hard situation. We think this guy likes cats, but he is mentally handicapped, so he may not be too good at looking after them. But, at the moment, we still need to be sure that it is George he has – it could easily be another similar cat.

  5. When it comes to loss , losing anything that I love … or anyone .. I am a monster 🙂
    I would not worry about the man’s feelings, his sensitivities or if there is a possibility that the man will move somewhere else. If you did nothing, he still might move .. he is not a fine upstanding man of the community, who knows what he might be doing ?
    If you need a policeman with you, get one and find out for sure that there is no cat or sign of any cat having been in that place. Look for signs of litter or food or cat hair even.
    And I will admit it here for all to read what kind of person I am … I would look that gendarm right in the eyes and say I am pretty sure I saw George in the window a moment before the man turned off the lights.
    Now everyone knows what kind of person I really am … I will beg lie and steal for my cats 🙂

    1. Good on you, Candice! Our big problem is that we honestly don’t know for sure that he has George; he may simply have another similar cat. We just want to know! (although there are some clues that point to something a bit shady going on.) We have had other people reporting sightings elsewhere, but there’s the problem of the stray cat in the village which, even close up, could be mistaken for George by people who don’t know him.

  6. How frustrating, do the housing authorities have rights to enter the apartment at will and without notice ? When I leased apartments for a short while, we would have maintenance people enter the apartment sometimes they had to tell a white lie and say there was a water leak or gas leak from the unit upstairs, and they needed to check other units…..
    Ooh goodness, I would be tempted to install a ‘deer cam’ pointed in the direction of his window.
    Maybe one of the residents could find out about the caravan, and give you an address ?
    My heart goes out to you, I can only hope that George is safe.

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