There is a line in Willy Russell’s play “Shirley Valentine” where the eponymous main character is waiting nervously for the taxi that is to take her away to Greece to start her holiday. She repeats the mantra “Tickets…passport…money…” to calm herself and to check she has the essential items.

Whenever I travel I am the same. Since yesterday I have been checking and re-checking my booking form for the flight (I can’t check in online, so that has to be done at the airport. Cue for more worrying: How? Will I understand instructions? What do I do if I can’t do it?), making sure I have a bit of English money, is my passport in the right place?

I have a knot of worry that won’t go until I am safely landed – On top of the tickets/passport/money concerns, I dislike flying anyway. There is now the added worry of what if today is the day “they” decide to blow up Lyon airport (or Manchester, for that matter…), or decide that FlyBe is a valid target for a suicide bomber? And how much extra time is needed for security checks – what if I miss the flight ? Actually, that is less of a concern as my friend  is taking me & her sister to the airport; Diane’s flight is 2 hours before mine, so I’m going to be there 4 hours before my flight leaves. I imagine that will be enough time to go through security checks!

And then when I get to Manchester what if I miss my train to Liverpool (as there’s 1.5 hours between the scheduled landing and the leaving of the train that’s probably not too likely either!!) ?

Are other people like me, or am I just weird?

Maybe if I flew Lolcats Airlines I would be less worried!!


Anyway, my lift will be arriving soon. See you in a week or two!


5 thoughts on “Tickets…passport…money

  1. Have a wonderful time!
    I always have to check several times that I really have my ticket and passport – I forgot my passport once!! Luckily I was able to get a temporary one at Frankfurt airport, but it’s a mistake I’ll never make again!

    LOL, Shirley Valentine! Whenever I think Jan is ignoring me I say “Hullo wall!” in by best Shirley Valentine voice 😀

  2. Che sara, sara. Go out there and take it as it comes. There are literally hundreds of flights all across the world daily that you never hear about – because nothing goes wrong. If your train’s delayed or cancelled, there’s always another one – you won’t be stuck there for the rest of your life – and you can always phone to let people at the other end know. And if there’s something you can’t do or understand at the airport, there will be people to help. Safe travels and enjoy your time away!

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