Herding Cats

I could have done with these boys earlier today…

It is time for Millie and Bib to go to the vets for their booster jabs. I armed myself with two of our three cat baskets and went to find them (giving myself half-an-hour to do the job!). Bib was snoozing, so I picked her up, popped her in the basket and closed it. She settled down quietly. One down, one to go.

But Millie saw the basket. That was a mistake on my part. I lured her into the kitchen with bits of chicken, but she Knew. Every time I went near her she scarpered (taking the chicken with her, of course!) and I couldn’t pick her up. Finally, as I was having a shouted conversation with someone out of the window she came to see what was going on (curiosity is usually fatal for cats; this time it just meant she was captured!) I grabbed her scruff of the neck, and, cradling her in my arms (but still holding her scruff so she went limp) I took her downstairs and dropped her into the basket. Slamming the cage door shut, I dislodged the hinges, so Millie was able to slither out. Happily for me, I’d closed the doors, so the poor Kitty was reduced to racing from one door to the next meeowling loudly but with nowhere to go. I fixed the door, picked her up by the scruff and put her back in the basket. Phew. Finally.

There was much noise and fury going on in the basket, so I was a tad worried that it might burst open on the street while I was going to the car. I was just looking for some string to tie it up with when my prediction came true – a faulty hinge gave way and a ball of spitting, cursing fur shot out and disappeared upstairs. There was no way I was going to catch her now, so I admitted defeat, phoned the vet and rearranged the appointment for this afternoon. I’m hoping that she may just have forgotten by then.

Feeling rather puffed out by the whole experience I made a cup of coffee and sat down to read some blogs. Half-an-hour later I remembered that Bib was still waiting in her basket. I went down to find her sitting patiently, not stressed but watching what was going on. I opened the basket door – and she continued to sit there! I left her to it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was still in there when we’re ready to go later on!

Let’s hope Millie is as amenable. Yeah, right!


2 thoughts on “Herding Cats

  1. I was almost wetting myself laughing whilst reading your account and then watching that ANIMATION! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!! Oh my goodness, cats seem to grow about ten extra legs when you want to put them in a cat box. And the NOISES!! So funny, thank you for this!!! And sorry about having to cancel the appointment!

  2. I love Simon’s Cat. The animations are worth googling – I can spend hours watching them.
    The afternoon trip was easier(ish) but it did involve me having to turn beds onto their side as Millie was hiding underneath them. She had a tail the size of a toilet brush and was howling as though I was going to kill her by the time I got her in the basket. Then when I went to find Bib, she was already sitting there in her basket waiting for me. What a good Kitten! She blotted her copybook however by meowling non-stop in the car, at a very annoying high pitch!

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