Dormouse Doings 2

The first Dormouse Doings was published over at Fat Dormouse but I thought I could write one over here instead. I think I’m going to try to classify my two blogs better – this one more for “Life in a small village in France” and Fat Dormouse for more food. The two have got a little mixed up, so there’s hardly a difference between the two.

So here we are, on a sleepy Sunday morning, in a small village in France…Qu’est-ce qui arrive ?


OUTSIDE MY WINDOW... The sun is shining, and it is a nice warm day. Not too hot! I’ve sat outside in the courtyard for a while, trying to brown my lily-white legs a little, and I may go out for another 20 minute session this afternoon. If I lean back in my chair and look out of the window I can see a cloudless blue sky, and the luscious green of the trees on the hillside above the cemetary.

HEARING…Mr FD pottering in the kitchen, and the faint murmur of the TV. He has just arrived back from cycling (65 km) so he is making himself a cup of tea, and settling down to watch some rubbish on television. He’ll be watching the Tour de France this afternoon, no doubt!

PONDERING… What shall I do for my next Zentangle…how safe we will be on our trip to Nimes/Provence (statistically safer from terrorist attack than a car accident)…what shall I have for lunch…


a recent Zentangle

PRAYING…I’m not really. But the relatives and friends of those killed and injured in Nice on Thursday night are on my heart. Life nowadays seems so much more precarious. I’m not sure that statistics bear that out, but it’s my perception.(which is almost word-for-word what I wrote last time, but then it was about the Egyptian air crash)

THANKFUL...that I didn’t kill (or even touch) the deer that stepped out into our path yesterday night…that I controlled the car so we didn’t end up in a ditch (or worse)…that Friend Cathy and I enjoyed an evening listening to a very good Sting tribute band…

WEARING…knee length shorts, a turquoise T-shirt bearing the words “Le monde est rempli de femmes merveilleuses. Mais des comme moi il n’y a pas deux” (Rough translation: The world is full of marvellous women, but there’s only one of me). And fluffy slippers. I’m a fashion icon, me.

GOING...nowhere. Except to Nimes on Thursday for a David Gilmour concert in the ancient arena

and then to a B&B near Aix-en-Provence for a couple of nights.

READING… something on my Kindle. (I have wandered downstairs to get it) called “The Redbreast” a Harry Hole thriller by Jo Nesbo. It’s not bad. I downloaded three more books yesterday (Usually I don’t pay more than 99p or so for Kindle books, but I paid a bit more for these!) which should keep me going for a bit.

LOOKING FORWARD TO…our little break next week. Also my trip to the UK in August, for my niece’s very quiet wedding. I hope to get to see some friends while I’m there too.


HOPING… that the world will sort itself out…that Brexit won’t come to pass…that if it does, we will be able to stay here without too many problems… that there may be a tiny chance that Mr FD’s temporary job will somehow become permanent as he enjoys working there…

IN THE KITCHEN…Nothing much at the moment, but later on today we’ll be having cottage pie. Which seems a bit “hot” for today. I will consult Mr FD, but I may make burgers instead, which we can have with salad.

WHAT’LL I BE TEACHING.. Next week I’ve got one lesson on Monday, with two young women. They’re not really on the same level, so it is a bit difficult, especially as the younger (less good) one is less motivated than the other. Still only 4 hours left with them. I’m not sure what I’m teaching, as I plan my lesson tomorrow morning. This is because I go down to Clermont with Mr FD (car sharing, as it’s a 70 km trip, with motorway tolls) and I have to fill my time before my lesson. So that’s when I do the week’s planning. I will be planning for my lessons on Tuesday too – 4 one-to-one lessons, with some really lovely, motivated, chatty students. Not all of a high level, but that doesn’t matter.

AROUND THE HOUSE…The washing machine is just finishing (Mr FD’s cycling gear) and we tidied up a bit on Thursday, but we’re not really houseproud. I am deliberating whether (IF he should get a permanent job) asking Mr FD if we can swap studies. He has the lovely attic room and I have a smaller bedroom on the floor below as my study. We can’t share as he likes music when he works and I don’t. If he gets a permanent job then he won’t be working at home, so won’t need a lovely big room; I take phone lessons and do craft work. I need a big room where I can spread out. Honest I do.



2 thoughts on “Dormouse Doings 2

  1. Hi Mouse! I vote for YOU getting the big study!
    I liked reading your thoughts today. I’m glad the sun is shining there and I hope you have a lovely holiday!

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