This day (or thereabouts!) through the years


Sometime round June 2009 – but there isn’t aproper date there. Mr FD peeping coyly round the chair!


17.06.2010 – poppies photographed on one of my walks. I used to try to get into the hills around Clermont when I had gaps between lessons. It was great. In fact, I did this recently – I finished work before Mr FD so I went for a walk in the woods. “I’ll do 15 minutes, then turn round,” I said to myself. I just kept going and did a walk of 1 hour 40 minutes!! It was lovely! Here’s another photo from that same walk in 2010



18.06.2011 – we were away with the Cycle Club and visited this chateau. No idea where it was!


19.06.2012 – here is a small grey kitten.


It must be Bib! She joined us at the very beginning of June, and here she is being sweet and appealing!


Sometime in June 2013 – another cycle club voyage. This was a walk in some woods near the place we were staying. I found a tree stump to sit in, as you do!


22.06.14 – the open air service and barbecue on the Plateau de Gergovie (this year’s is mentioned in dispatches over at Fat Dormouse)Rob the Rector plays his mandolin.

IMG_2050 (1)

June 2015… Another Cycle Club voyage, another picture of me lurking around tree stumps. I don’t much like this photo, but there you go.

And I didn’t take any photos today! Slapped wrist! Bad blogger!!

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4 Responses to This day (or thereabouts!) through the years

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oh that was fun to see!!! Bib looks so sweet! Love the informal pose with the formal robes of the vicar!!

  2. bevchen says:

    What a clever idea for a post! I love the poppies 🙂

    • fatdormouse says:

      It’s a ruse I’ve used before – and it gives a good excuse to go through my photos again, bringing back memories!! I like poppies too. And I love the French word “cocqulicot” (though my spelling might be a bit dodgy there!!)

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